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New home in town? Consider a second water meter for outdoor summer use

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Chesterton Utility Service Board Member Scot McCord has issued his annual warning to new customers of the Utility.

If you have recently moved to a new house in town and expect to fill a swimming pool or water a newly seeded lawn this summer, be prepared to pay the piper when you get your summer sanitary sewer bill in the fall.

As McCord noted at the Service Board’s meeting Monday night, residents who have an established rate--that is, who paid for sanitary sewer service this year in the billing period extending from mid-February through mid-April--get a break in the billing period extending from mid-June through mid-August. Under a policy established by the Service Board, they pay the lesser of two amounts: a rate based on their actual consumption in the summer bill period, or a rate based on their prior consumption in the winter billing period.

But new residents who have no established rate will have to pay the full summer rate, and it could be high if they use a lot of water for recreating, landscaping, or gardening. That’s because the Utility bills its customers on their consumption of water, as calculated by Indiana-American Water Company.

Since that consumption typically increases in the summer, however, and much of the water used does not actually enter the sanitary sewer system and is accordingly not treated, the Utility gives its established customers a break.

Residents without an established rate do have one option, though. They may arrange with Indiana-American Water Company to install a second meter to measure their outdoor water consumption.

Donna Simmers To Retire

In other business, the Service Board sadly accepted the Billing Clerk Donna Simmers’ notice of retirement, effective May 24.

Simmers has worked for the Utility for nearly 30 years. “It has been a long and wonderful experience to work for the town, starting in 1984 as a meter reader,” she wrote in her letter to the Service Board. “Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community for so many years.”

Simmers is moving to Florida to care for her parents.

I would like to wish Donna the best,” Member Andy Michel said. “It’s been good to have her around for lo these many years.”

President Larry Brandt expressed his best wishes as well and his sadness at seeing Simmers go. “We’re going to miss Donna greatly,” he said.


Meanwhile, Utility employees Jay Ihler, Jeremy Arney, and Chad Pomeroy got an atta boy from Robert Perney, who took the trouble to write the Service Board to express his gratitude to the three for their professionalism and politeness when they came to Perney’s residence to locate his tap in the alley.

“They were just as nice as could be,” Perney noted.

“We try to educate and help in all ways possible,” Ihler said, “to find solutions and not make problems.”

Golfview Estates

McCord, for his part, took a moment at the end of the meeting to thank Stormwater Utility Superintendent Mark O’Dell and Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg for the service performed for residents at Golfview Estates, after debris left in a detention pond by the county last year when a crew cut vegetation clogged the stormwater lines during last month’s heavy rains, leaving a lot of standing water in the pond.

The AquaTech truck was dispatched to the scene and promptly jetted the lines, McCord said.


Posted 5/22/2013





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