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Mathias: Splash pad still being repaired

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The splash pad at Chesterton Park will be open for business this summer.

But Superintendent Bruce Mathias is unable to say exactly when.

At the Park Board’s meeting Tuesday evening, Mathias reported that DLZ is currently designing a “deadman” concrete block to which the splash pad’s vault--containing its various operations systems--will be bolted and otherwise secured underground.

The block is specifically being engineered to resist the degree of hydrostatic pressure which uplifted the vault out of the ground--in the process sheering the pipes below the vault right off--following heavy rains early in May.

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell figures the block will be approximately 5’ x 10’ x 12’’ and weigh between five and eight tons. “Once it’s in the ground and the vault is fixed to it, the vault should never move again,” Mathias said.

At the moment, the vault has been lifted from the hole and set safely aside while Mathias inspects the integrity of the pipes. His findings thus far: all five main pipes and all but three of the 25 or so pipes circulating water back and forth from the pad have sustained damage and will need to be replaced.

Mathias did extend his gratitude to O’Dell, the Stormwater Utility, and the Street Department for hydroexcavating the site, to give him access to the pipes in the first place.

Mathis is confident that the splash pad will be returned to service this season but significantly less confident about when that might be.

Kiwanis Donation

President Candy Tucker took a moment to thank the Chesterton Duneland Kiwanis Club for its generous donation of $500 to the Park Gift Fund.

Cruise Night

And Mathias took a moment to report that the season’s first Chesterton Cruise Night, on Saturday in the Downtown, was a success.

“The car show went really well,” he said.

The next Cruise Night will be held from 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday, June 29, along Broadway between South Calumet Road and Third Street.


Posted 6/5/2019




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