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Masks required at tonight's Chesterton BZA meeting

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Masks must be worn by all who attend the Chesterton Board of Zoning Appealsí meeting at 6:30 p.m. tonight.

That, according to the list of safety protocols released by Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson after deadline on Wednesday.

The full list:

-- The meeting will take place in the Town of Chesterton fire stationís east bay, due to early voting in the town hallís meeting room.

-- All participants will be required to practice social-distancing and to attempt to keep a minimum of six feet apart from other individuals. Tables and chairs for board members, staff, and petitioners will be spaced at intervals of six feet.

-- A maximum of 25 individuals will be permitted inside the fire station at any one time. There will be only one entrance and exit available for the meeting. A staff member will be posted at the entrance to keep count of the number of persons entering and exiting to ensure compliance. All persons entering the fire station will be required to wear face masks or coverings. Masks will be made available at no cost.

-- Petitioners will be directed not to enter the fire station until their case is called. A staff member will contact each petitioner by cell phone to instruct the petitioner when itís his or her turn and will instruct the petitioner to enter when the previous petitioner has exited.

-- Remonstrators will be asked not to enter the fire station until the case on which they wish to speak has been called.

-- These protocols will be posted both outside and inside the fire station. Signs demonstrating proper social-distancing will also be posted both outside and inside the fire station.


Posted 5/28/2020




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