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LEL to replace brick pavers at Coffee Creek Center with asphalt

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The Lake Erie Land Company has opted to replace the brick pavers at Coffee Creek Center with asphalt.

That was the news from Monday night’s meeting of the Chesterton Redevelopment Commission.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported that, earlier in the day, an LEL rep confirmed to him that the company has put the project out to bid, with the idea of beginning construction late in March or early in April.

When originally installed, not quite 20 years ago, the brick pavers were intended to provide a semi-permeable surface to facilitate stormwater drainage. But the pavers have the tendency, during the winter freeze/thaw cycles, to be pushed out of flush with grade, then get chopped up by snow plows. Currently large stretches of Village Point in particular are missing pavers.

As Schnadenberg has indicated, building an asphalt roadway to town specifications will be an involved process. First the pavers and the layer of sand beneath them will have to be removed. Then the stone subsurface, eight to 11 inches deep, will have to be removed, actually underdug, to a total of approximately 21 inches. Then, per town spec, 12 inches of stone will be laid, topped by nine inches of asphalt to bring the road surface up to grade.

The job will likely be done in stages: Village Point between Sidewalk Road and Voyage Blvd., say, followed by Village Point between Voyage Blvd. and Gateway Blvd. In any case, one lane of traffic will have to be maintained at all times.

East Porter Ave. Culvert

In other business, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported that DLZ has narrowed the options for replacing the crumbling East Porter Ave. bridge over Sand Creek--just east of the Sand Creek Country Club--to three possibilities: a three-sided arched culvert, a three-side flat culvert, and a four-sided box culvert.

The options may in the end be distinctions without much of a difference, O’Dell suggested. They’re all estimated to cost between $400,000 to $425,000. DLZ is currently reviewing the options to find the most feasible, economical, and maintenance-friendly one, he said.

Decorative Posts

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to approve an expenditure not to exceed $13,000 for the purchase and installation of decorative post sleeves for the streetlights and street signs along Indian Boundary Road between North Calumet Road and Ind. 49, including Plaza Drive.

Schnadenberg said that last year the Street Department sleeved the lights and signs along North Calumet Road all the way to the intersection of Indian Boundary Road.

Next year, if possible, Schnadenberg hopes to sleeve the lights and signs along Indian Boundary Road east of Ind. 49.



Posted 2/28/2017




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