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Leaf collection will continue next week; call for brush pickup

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Duneland has managed to concentrate the distilled essences of three seasons in the space of about a week: the brutal wind storm on Sunday, Nov. 17; snow on Monday night and possibly six inches of lake-effect tonight and Wednesday; and the usual fall of leaves throughout.

All of which is complicating the job of the Chesterton Street Department.

Begin with leaf collection. Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune today that crews are--not surprisingly--behind schedule. Today they’re working on last Thursday’s route.

But despite the lake-effect snow watch in effect, the Street Department will maintain at least a couple of trucks equipped with leaf vacs. Schnadenberg is hopeful that crews will be able to do pickups on Wednesday and then--after the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Friday--will probably work on Saturday, when temperatures are expected to hit 40 degrees.

Then, next week, crews will attempt one more complete pass through town, although not according to the schedule.

Normally the leaf collection program ends at Thanksgiving, but leaves fell late this season and, as Schnadenberg noted, “we’ve got to pick them up sooner or later, so we’ll try to do it next week.”

Weather, of course, permitting.

Brush Collection

Meanwhile, some of the debris from the Nov. 17 wind storm remains in need of collection. Your best bet, Schnadenberg said: call the Street Department at 926-2222 to arrange a pickup.

The Street Department’s grapple truck has been tasked to that duty but it’s only the one vehicle, “it may take a little bit longer,” and in any case manpower for now is being focused on leaf collection, Schnadenberg said.

Storm Debrief

Town Manager Bernie Doyle did report, at the Town Council’s meeting Monday night, that communication between the town and NIPSCO in the wake of the Nov. 17 storm was “commendable.”

“We continued to receive updates” from NIPSCO, Doyle said. “And we had a really good working relationship with them.”

Something like a full quarter of the town was without power at some point after the storm.

And, Doyle added, Schnadenberg’s “guys were right on the spot as always.”



Posted 11/26/2013