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Latest new Utility Superintendent to resign May 21

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You can say this about the current new Chesterton Utility Superintendent Pat Geisendorfer: he lasted longer than the last new super.

About six weeks longer.

Geisendorfer has tendered his resignation, effective May 21, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell told the Chesterton Tribune today.

Geisendorfer has accepted a post in Iowa, O’Dell said.

And so the search process begins again.

The Utility’s strange odyssey in search of a superintendent with legs began early last year, when long-time super Steve Yagelski unexpectedly announced his resignation. Following an exhaustive search in which over 100 persons applied for the position, James Chris Shank was hired on Aug. 16, a couple of days before the tornado.

A couple of days after the tornado, on Aug. 25, Shank resigned for “personal reasons.”

The Utility Service Board tried again, this time employing the services of a contracted professional search firm: the result was Geisendorfer, who came to the Utility from Wisconsin.

Geisendorfer had his cup of coffee and now he too is moving on.

O’Dell said that the search firm remains under contract with the town and will conduct a new call-out at no additional cost beyond expenses.



Posted 5/7/2010




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