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June 13 is new Downtown project deadline; strike bullet dodged

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The contractual completion date for the Downtown utility project had been Saturday, June 4.

But don’t try to cross the Norfolk Southern tracks at Calumet Road anytime soon.

A rainy May has forced Chesterton Town Engineer Mark O’Dell to grant a one-week extension to general contractor Rieth-Riley.

The new completion date—weather permitting—Monday, June 13, O’Dell told the Chesterton Tribune today.

Paving work should begin in a couple of days, O’Dell added.

Things actually could be worse, a heck of a lot worse. On Sunday, Operators Local 150—representing the crews of excavating sub-contractor R.V. Sutton Inc.—took a strike vote. “Fortunately for the town, businesses, and residents, they voted against striking,” Town Manager Bernie Doyle said.

A contingency plan was in place, however, had Local 150 gone to the picket line, Doyle added. A non-union crew working in conjunction with the Street Department would have laid gravel, so that at a minimum South Calumet Road could have been opened to traffic.

Last summer a strike by Teamsters Local 142 bottlenecked roadwork throughout Northwest Indiana and delayed a number of paving projects here in Chesterton.




Posted 6/6/2011




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