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John Schnadenberg honored by Indiana Chiefs of Police

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Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg has spent nearly his entire adult life in the service of the community, not only as the head of the Street Department but for 26 years--more than a quarter of a century--as a Chesterton Police Reserve officer.

Lt. Schnadenberg’s dedication to the town and his professional have long been bywords in Chesterton. But now the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has recognized him as well, honoring Schnadenberg with its 2013 Community Service Award of the Year.

The award was presented to Schnadenberg at the IACP’s winter conference in Indianapolis on Jan. 31.

Just how dedicated a Reserve officer is Schnadenberg? Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski, who nominated him for the award, told the Chesterton Tribune that Schnadenberg has logged more than 9,000 man-hours in uniform, as an unpaid volunteer.

Nine-thousand man-hours: 1,125 work-days: figure around five and a half work-years. “During this time, John has served side by side with full-time sworn officers, completing the same tasks, answering the same calls, and going the same places that paid officers have done and gone,” Cincoski noted. “In his tenure, John has experienced and done more than most modern police officers. And he has done it all for free and in the name of volunteerism and service.”

“What makes John unique in the circle of Reserve officers is that he has purchased his own equipment to a point where he is as capably equipped as many of my full-time officers,” Cincoski said. “In many an emergency situation, John is often the first to arrive on scene and willing to do any task assigned to him no matter how seemingly mundane and trivial. John voluntarily attends all levels of department training and is probably better trained than most probationary officers.”

“There is not a full-time officer on the Chesterton Police Department who wouldn’t feel safe and secure with John backing them up,” Cincoski added.

“I am humbled to receive the award,” Schnadenberg told the Tribune today. “After 26 years I am still proud to wear the uniform. And I accept the award on behalf of all the men and women who serve as reserve officers in departments around the state.”

Schnadenberg also expressed his gratitude to Cincoski for nominating him and said that Cincoski does a “great job of running the department.”



Posted 1/12/2014