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Jim Ton: Results of NIRPC travel survey could benefit Dickinson Road extension

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Dunelanders are being urged to participate in a “Regional Corridor Study” survey, the point of which is to help the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission find ways to reduce congestion and travel time on major roadways.

Chesterton Town Council Member Jim Ton, R-1st -- who also sits on the Redevelopment Commission and currently serves as Treasurer of NIRPC’s Executive Board -- believes that a robust participation rate among Dunelanders could go far in demonstrating a need for the Dickinson Road extension, the construction of a north-south thoroughfare which would link Indian Boundary Road with East Porter Ave. and by that mean siphon off traffic from Ind. 49.

Results of the survey will assist NIRPC in “identifying and prioritizing regional routes for future implementation” in its 2040 Plan.

The survey--which is short--can be found at or at

The Questions

Only nine questions are asked:

*  Where do you mostly travel? (from what city/town/county to what city/town/county?)

*  Where do you travel to? (work, school, shopping, other)

*  What is your main mode of transportation by percentage? (car, bus, train, bike, walk)

*  What is the duration of your main travel one way?

*  How far do you live from your basic destination in miles? and how may times per week do you travel to reach your main destination?

*  What major roads do you travel to reach your main destination?

*  Do you experience delay or congestion during your main travel?

*  What alternate routes do you use when your primary route is congested, if any?

*  Do you have recommendations that could enhance your main travel? (improved traffic signals, for instance, or the addition of a lane, a new roadway segment, or a bike lane)



Posted 12/29/2014





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