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Hearing set for proposed hike in town brush fee

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The Chesterton Town Council will hold a public hearing at its next meeting, Sept. 7, on a proposed increase in the monthly brush and leaf collection fee from $1 to $2.

The fee appears on residentsí sanitary sewer billing statements.

As Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann noted at the councilís meeting Monday night, the fee increase is one of several sources of funding earmarked to make sustainable the raises which members granted to all municipal employees in April.

Other sources, already tapped:

--An increase in the dedicated property-tax rate used to fund Cumulative Capital Improvement (CCI), from $0.0029 per $100 of assessed valuation to $0.0059. Under state law, the maximum property-tax rate allowable for CCI is $0.33, about 56 times higher than the new $0.0059 rate. CCI is used for technology acquisition, among other things, and by increasing CCI revenues the council now has an alternative source of funding for expenses which had been covered by the General Fund.

--An annual payment in lieu of tax from the utility in the amount of $77,751; and a return on the wastewater treatment plant of $79,544. Both sums have been made over to the General Fund. Although, as a public utility, the Chesterton Utility does not pay property taxes, under state law a municipality may collect from a utility an annual amount equivalent to what the utility would pay in taxes if it were a private entity. The Utility is paying that amount only on infrastructure physically installed in the Town of Chesterton, that is, on its underground collection system and the series of lift stations.

Sidewalks at Urschel

In other business, members unanimously voted to approve an amendment to the planned unit development ordinance governing Urschel Laboratories Inc., in the third addition at Coffee Creek Center.

The amendment, as Lukmann explained, changes the plan of development to permit Urschel to install private sidewalks, tracks, paths, and signage on its property.

The amendment was previously endorsed unanimously by the Advisory Plan Commission.



Posted 8/28/2018




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