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Failed sewer forces closure of North Calumet Road

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A sanitary sewer main beneath North Calumet Road collapsed on Sunday, Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported today.

The failure occurred around 10 a.m. between Michigan Ave. and Brown Ave., and resulted in sewage backups in several residents’ homes, Schnadenberg said.

Woodruff & Sons Inc. of Michigan City was at work this morning, under an emergency contract, excavating the main, which is located 12 to 15 feet below the road.

Repairs are expected to take at least several days, during which time North Calumet Road will be closed 24/7 between Brown Ave. and Wabash Ave., Schnadenberg said. Detours have been posted and Republic Services informed of the closure.

“We’re just hoping the larger trucks take alternate routes.”

The main serves the Indian Boundary Road business corridor. The Utility is currently bypassing the failed section of pipe.



Posted 7/24/2017





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