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The Factory gun/camouflage store to get December 26 hearing before BZA

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Ken Price wants to sell firearms, ammunition and camouflage clothing in Suite 2 of The Factory building on Broadway.

The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals will conduct a public hearing Dec. 26 on Price’s request for a use variance to allow retail sales in an industrial zone. The BZA set the hearing at its Tuesday meeting after a preliminary review of the petition.

Price owns Disappear Gear camouflage and supplies, currently offered through internet sales.

His attorney, Greg Babcock, said Price will seek a federal permit to sell firearms on site at The Factory. Price, a former Marine, also will have a firearms application training simulator (FATS) system at the business that police, reservists and hunters can use to improve their skills, or others for personal protection.

BZA members and interim town building commissioner Mike Orlich quizzed Price about how his ammunition/firearms would be stored and retailed; no plack powder would be sold. Price and Babcock said specific details about safety, security and soundproofing would be presented Dec. 26.

It was noted a firearms store with a live indoor firing range previously was located in Chesterton, but Price will have the FATS simulator instead.

Three other zoning requests were set for public hearing next month.

Karrie and Ryan Thoma are seeking permission to erect a 6 foot-tall fence, which exceeds the allowable height, for security and privacy at 2941 Nautica Dr.

Shinn Building and Developing Corp. has petitioned for a variance to construct a single-family home having a side-street setback of 8 feet where the ordinance requires a 15-foot setback. Also sought is a variance to eliminate the requirement that a sidewalk be installed on the corner lot.

Representing Shinn, Babcock said there are no sidewalks on either side of the road at the lot, but there are sidewalks in the area pedestrians could use. BZA member Fred Owens said granting a sidewalk waiver needs to be carefully considered.

The home would be part of a 6-lot infill subdivision Shinn is developing west of South Calumet Road.

The petition filed by Larry Hitz and Heather Harrigan also advanced to public hearing. They seek four variances tied to construction of two duplexes at the old Wilbar manufacturing building at Park Avenue. Babcock said the individual lots were laid out in 1905 so the lot area and lot width are smaller than today’s standards, necessitating the variances.


Posted 11/29/2013