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Duplex and garage advance to public hearings by Chesterton BZA

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals scheduled two public hearings for its meeting next month for a proposed duplex on Calumet Rd. and a three-car garage on CR 100 East next to Tremont Rd.

There will, however, not be a hearing for a landscape business on Broadway at the corner of 13th St. The petitioner Thomas Edward Lipinski Living Trust is withdrawing a request for a variance to permit the business in an industrial zone.

Meanwhile, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell was able to answer issues lingering from last month’s preliminary hearing for Jason T. Robinson’s request to allow a new duplex development between 625 and 647 N. Calumet Rd. in Pinney’s Park across from St. Patrick’s Church.

The case was tabled last month when O’Dell requested that Robinson calculate the setbacks for the eaves and overhangs and that a separate variance be sought for an existing shed on the northeast side of the property, which incidentally belongs to a neighbor.

Robinson’s other variance includes a request to allow building the duplex structure in the 10-foot front yard setback to keep the sight lines along neighboring homes and to increase lot coverage to 37.8 percent for a driveway and to have extra space in the garage so items won’t have to be stored outside.

O’Dell said Robinson did submit a revised plat for the building locations, but it also needs to have on it 12 inches for the overhang.

He also shed some light on why the property has an existing septic tank on site when being in town limits should require a sewer connection. As in to the Crocker area, the federal government during the 1980s gave a grant to put in a small diameter sanitary sewer. The holding tank would hold solids while the liquid would go into the small sewer. Two households share one tank.

O’Dell said he disagrees with the concept “because it doesn’t make any sense.” The Town would need to pump the tanks periodically which is “a hassle,” O’Dell said, but it is much cheaper than having all the sewers in the area be replaced.

“It’s all small diameter sewers so we can’t upsize any of that,” he said.

Eventually, the tank would need to be moved back behind the right-of-way line, O’Dell said.

Robinson said vehicles would all enter from Calumet Rd. and he will have it in his lease that each tenant will store their items in a garage and not outside.

BZA member Fred Owens commended the revisions Robinson made and the board voted 4-0 to set a public hearing at its May 25 meeting.

Garage on 100E

In other business, John Essany seeks a variance to construct a second three-car garage on his property to store cars.

Essany resides at the south end of CR 100E that intersects with Tremont Rd., on the opposite side of Ind. 49 from the Fairhaven Baptist Church. The garage would be near where CR 100E dead ends with railroad tracks to the south.

O’Dell said that the property is zoned Industrial-1 and said it will need to be known what the setback would be, interpreting the garage as being in a side yard.

Since the property is an industrial zone, the setback would be 20 feet instead of 10 feet for a residential zone. O’Dell said that Essany would need to have a variance for the 10 feet of variance in the setback.

BZA Attorney Julie Paulson said that there are still a few items that Essany needs to turn in, including a copy of the deed to the property, findings of fact for the developmental standards and a list of property owners within 300 feet.

The BZA voted 4-0 to set Essany’s case for public hearing on the condition that all his paperwork is turned in by May 8.

Frontier sign

In board member comments, Kim Goldak said Centier Bank on South Calumet Rd. “did a wonderful job” on its new signage, which took several BZA meetings to be approved.

In the end, Centier and the BZA agreed to have a new 90 sq. ft. monument sign next to CR 100E where it could be seen better and replace the former freestanding sign next to Calumet Rd. with a smaller monument sign, reducing the total signage by 50 feet.

“I would like to commend them. They worked well with us and it came to a happy agreement,” she said.



Posted 5/1/2017




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