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Don't expect a restroom facility in Thomas Park anytime soon

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Nobody’s heard anything about the proposed public restroom facility at Thomas Centennial Park since last May, when architect Dave Kinel estimated the cost of his design at $226,200.

At its meeting Monday night, the Chesterton Town Council removed the project from the limbo to which it’s been consigned for almost a year, by voting 5-0 formally to remove it from the Old Business portion of the agenda.

Members cited current budget constraints in their move.

“It doesn’t mean we’re dismissing the idea,” said Member Jim Ton, R-1st.

“It’s not like we’re going to forget about it,” agreed Members Jeff Trout, R-2nd.

Members had originally expected to pay between $150,000 and $175,000 for a brick-and-mortar restroom facility. In 2012 they flirted briefly with the idea of a trailer-mounted facility--low quote for one: $48,945--but abandoned that option when a few residents objected vociferously.


In other business, members voted 5-0 to authorize the second payment of $39,200 for the purchase of computer-aided dispatch software--Tiburon--to be used by the Chesterton Police Department.

The original cost, when Police Chief Dave Cincoski approached the council a year ago, had been $102,000 but Cincoski managed to negotiate that sum to $79,500. The town made a first payment of $39,200 in 2013.

The software has not been installed yet, Cincoski noted, as dispatchers still have to train on it.

In related news, Cincoski reported that the consolidation of the CPD’s and the Porter PD’s radio rooms--approved late last month by both towns councils--should be completed in the next six to eight weeks.

Additional Consulting Fee

Meanwhile, at Town Manager Bernie Doyle’s urging, members voted 5-0 to approve an additional payment of $1,317.40 to consultant Steve Brady of the Heritage Advisory Group, whose recommendation it was to enact a so-called High Deductible Health Plan and an accompanying Heath Savings Account for municipal employees.

The council did so enact that plan November.

At the time the council also approved an expenditure of $2,000 to Brady, to conduct education sessions for the employees.

On Monday, however, Doyle said that the costs of Brady’s services exceeded those provided by the original contract.

Appointed to Tree Committee

Members also voted 5-0 to appoint Stuart Franzen to the Tree Committee.

Tri Kappa

Members voted 5-0 as well to proclaim the week of Feb. 16-22 Tri Kappa Week in the Town of Chesterton.



Posted 2/11/2014




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