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Dogwood Park tree removal underway

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The removal of 25 well-established trees at Dogwood Park--north of 1100N and east of 23rd Street--began on Tuesday, two and a half months after a contracted arborist for NIPSCO told the Chesterton Park Board that they had to go.

The trees, 19 maples and nine oaks, are--were--located at the southeast intersection of 1100N and 23rd Street, and have overgrown the power lines.

At the Park Board’s July meeting, Andrea Nichols of Arbor Metrics announced that “trimming the trees to minimum spec would remove 25 percent of the canopy” and badly disfigure them in the process. “And I have no confidence they would survive. Wrong trees, wrong place.”

NIPSCO’s contracted tree service, Asplundh Tree Expert LLC of Willow Grove, Pa., has two crews on the job and is proceeding rapidly along 1100N, moving east to west, with only three trees left to remove on 1100N at mid-morning today, Park Superintendent Bruce Mathias told the Chesterton Tribune. The crews will then remove additional trees on the east side of 23rd Street.

NIPSCO committed to replacing the trees on a one-to-one basis, and is expected to plant the new ones later this year, about 30 feet back from the old ones, north of 1100N and east of 23rd Street, Mathias said.

Mathias did say that Asplundh is inviting folks to take the lumber left from the removal at no charge. Just speak to a crew member. Asplundh will leave the logs on site for a period of time, and then collect whatever is still left.



Posted 9/25/2019




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