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DLZ now surveying for 1050 ditch project

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Engineering consultant DLZ has begun its topographical survey of the ditch along the north side of 1050N, in advance of the ditch’s being piped and infilled east of Ind. 149.

So Chesterton Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported to the Stormwater Management Board at its meeting Monday night.

O’Dell did say that the scope of the survey has been expanded, specifically to the east, from Church Street to Ritter Street. “That way we can make sure we get it all covered,” he told the board.

DLZ is performing the survey at a cost not to exceed $20,300, but the plan at the moment is for the Stormwater Utility to do the actual engineering of the project in-house, which will involve hydro-excavating the underground utilities buried--and in places, due to erosion, exposed at the bottom of the ditch--to determine their elevations.

The Stormwater Utility will work on engineering the project over the winter, with groundbreaking targeted sometime in the spring.

October in Review

In October, the Stormwater Utility ran a surplus of $7,485 and in the year-to-date is running a surplus of $100,064.

Also in October, the $500,000 which the Stormwater Utility deposited in a Trust Indiana account in May earned $73.12 and in the year-to-date has earned $495.70.


Posted 11/18/2020




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