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Deadline tomorrow to apply for seats on municipal boards

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The Town of Chesterton needs you, to serve on municipal boards.

The deadline to submit your name is 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 11. The Town Council is scheduled to make appointments at its last meeting of the year, at 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 16.

This year the Town Council is managing the application process a little differently. Interested folks should pick up a formal application either at the town hall at 726 Broadway or the municipal complex at 1490 Broadway. The application is also available on line at

In addition to vital data like name, address, and contact information, applicants are also being asked to (1) provide a brief written statement explaining why they would like to serve; (2) to note whether they know of any reason they would not be covered by a surety bond; and (3) to provide a list or previous or present municipal service in the town or elsewhere.

All persons interested in appointment to a board--including incumbents seeking reappointment--must complete the application and submit it by the deadline.

For the purpose of a board appointment, a personís political affiliation is determined by the ballot pulled in the last two primary elections in which he or she voted.

The open seats:

* Board of Zoning Appeals, one opening; presidential appointment; no party requirement.

* Economic Development Commission, five openings; four presidential appointments, one by the Porter County Council.

* Park and Recreation Board, one opening; presidential appointment; must be either Democrat or Independent.

* Advisory Plan Commission, one opening; council appointment; must be either Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

* Police Commission, one opening; council appointment; must be either Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

* Redevelopment Commission, five openings; three presidential appointments and two council.

* Stormwater Management Board, one opening; must be either Democrat or Independent.

* Tax Abatement Committee, five openings; council appointments.

* Tree Board, one opening; council appointment.

* Utility Service Board, two openings; one presidential (three-year) and one council (two-year); one opening for either a Republican or Independent, one for either a Republican, Democrat, or Independent.




Posted 12/10/2013