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CPD: Officers Kaitlin Bruning and Alexias DeJesus promoted to Master Patrol

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Two Chesterton Police officers have been promoted to Master Patrol.

At its meeting Thursday night, the Police Commission voted unanimously on Police Chief Dave Cincoski’s recommendation to promote 2nd Class Officers Kaitlin Bruning and Alexias DeJesus to the rank of Master Patrol, effective Sunday, May 12.

Both have served their mandatory one year as 2nd Class officers, after completing their mandatory one-year probationary period, and both have served the CPD well, Cincoski said. “Everybody is pleased with their work and they have progressed perfectly. Their work is very substantial.”

In-Car/Body Cameras

In other business, Cincoski reported that the new in-car camera systems have been installed in all squad cars and that 18 patrol officers have been issued and trained in the use of the new body cameras. “We are fully outfitted and live,” he said.

Cincoski did say that a few officers have experienced a certain glitchiness in their body cameras but those issued are being resolved by tech support.

The only other issue is the battery life of the body cameras. “There’s been some battery drainage,” Cincoski said. “But I’ll be working with the system’s parameters to extend their battery life.” At the moment, he added, some officers are re-charging the battery while working on reports at the station or eating lunch.

In February the Town Council approved the purchase of the system--Bodyworn by Utility Associates Inc.--for a five-year total cost of $212,900.

Cruise Night Closure

Meanwhile, members approved a request from the Park Department to close Broadway from South Calumet Road to Third Street for the monthly Chesterton Cruise Night event, from 4:30 to 9 p.m. on the last Saturday of the month in June, July, August, and September.

Town Council Member Emerson DeLaney, R-5th--the council’s liaison to the CPD--did say that there is the possibility that Cruise Night will become a bimonthly event, now that Brad Pikula, owner of Mel’s Detail, has volunteered to sponsor it. The Park Department wants to see what the attendance of the first Cruise Night is like, however, before making a commitment.

Parade Permits

Members also approved two applications for a parade permit, both for 5K runs:

¥For the Girls on the Run of Northwest Indiana 5K, at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 19. The route generally is a loop around Chesterton High School: west on 1100N from Fox Point Drive, south on South 11th Street, east on 1050N, north on South Fifth Street, west again on 1100N, ending at the CHS track.

¥For the Great Futures 5K and Little Heroes Fun Run, sponsored by the Duneland Boys and Girls Club, at 7:45 a.m. Saturday, May 25. This route will approximate the one for the Girls on the Run event.


In addition, members tentatively scheduled an executive session at 4 p.m. Thursday, May 30, to interview up to nine officers applying for promotions. Three officers have applied for promotion to sergeant and six to corporal.

The nine will sit for a written examination on Tuesday, May 21.

With Gratitude

The commission also took receipt of a thank-you note from Lebanon, Ind., resident Laura Bennett.

“Just sending you a note to let you know how much you are appreciated,” Bennett wrote. “Officers across our nation don’t always get the respect and recognition they deserve, but please know that most Americans are very grateful for the work you do.”

Members expressed their gratitude to Bennett for her kind words.

April in Review

In April the CPD responded to 543 calls ((627 in March), filed 52 cases (53), issued 42 citations and 20 warnings (77 and 93), and investigated 33 accidents with seven injuries (31 accidents with 12 injuries).

Calls for service in April included 64 suspicious persons or vehicles (67 in March), five thefts (nine), 43 alarms (36), two incidents of vandalism (one), one overdose (two), one train complaint (none), four animal complaints (four), 151 traffic stops (218), nine well-being checks (nine), one missing person (none), 20 disturbances (17), two reports of counterfeit bills (two), four reports of fraud (three), one motor vehicle theft (none), three reports of sex offense (none), and one runaway (none).


Posted 5/13/2019




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