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Council to obtain appraisals for house on South Calumet Road

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The Chesterton Town Council has taken the first necessary step in the possible purchase of the house and property at the southeast corner of South Calumet Road and East Porter Ave.

At their meeting Monday night, members voted unanimously to secure the services of two appraisers to determine the fair-market value of the property. Under Indiana Code, a municipality may pay no more than the average of two appraisals when acquiring private property.

Because the house is located in a tax increment financing district, the Redevelopment Commission--which earlier in the evening voted unanimously to endorse obtaining the appraisals--would oversee the purchase of the property, should it come to that, and administer the TIF moneys used to buy it.

The whole idea is to use the property for right-of-way at such time as the intersection of South Calumet Road and Porter Ave. is aligned and widened.

“As the town grows, this will be an important area people will be driving through,” observed Member Dane Lafata, D-3rd. “If we don’t do something now, it’ll be 1000 percent harder to do later.”

Community Crossings Update

In other business, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg provided the council with an update on the two Community Crossings grant projects currently underway.

On South 11th Street, Rieth-Riley Construction Company has installed 1,300 feet of new sidewalk in advance of a re-pave between Park Ave. and 1100N, Schnadenberg said. On Wednesday, April 24, South 11th Street will be closed between 1100N and Crab Tree Lane for the installation of a stormwater drain. When that phase of the project is completed, then the re-pave proper can begin. Contract price: $279,542.25, half of which is being funded through a 50/50 Community Crossings state infrastructure grant.

Meanwhile, in Morgan Park, one block of curbs along East Morgan Ave. has been removed and replaced, with Walsh & Kelly Inc. set to start work on a second block. Some portions of the concrete road surface will also be replaced, Schnadenberg noted.

Contract price: $331,985, half of which is also being partially funded with a 50/50 Community Crossings grant.

Four other Community Crossings re-paving projects are on this season’s schedule:

--100E from 1100N to 1050N, $83,218.40.

--West Porter Ave. from South Calumet Road to South Eighth Street, $107,755.75.

--15th Street from Woodlawn Ave. to Washington Ave., $115,813.60.

--South Eighth Street from West Porter Ave. to Broadway.

In addition to the Community Crossings grants, the town will also be funding these projects with a $1.8-million general obligation bond issued last year.

Fee Waived

On the recommendation of Building Commissioner Mark O’Dell, members voted unanimously to waive the building permit fee for an emergency generator project to be done by the Duneland School Corporation.


Posted 4/23/2019




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