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Contractor hits two water lines on West Porter Ave

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A Verizon contractor hit not one water line in Chesterton over the weekend but two, as crews were working on installing a fiber-optic line in the 100 block of West Porter Ave.

The fiber-optic project is a Verizon upgrade and not affiliated with the town’s own municipal fiber-optic network.

Today Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg identified the company which pulled the excavation permit, on behalf of Verizon, as LTS Managed Technical Services LLC of Elmhurst, Ill.

The first breach occurred around 2:30 p.m. Friday when an LTS crew struck a water service lateral in the 100 block of West Porter Ave. while directional-boring, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell said. Fire Chief John Jarka told the Chesterton Tribune that he was informed at 8 p.m. Friday that an Indiana American Water Company (IAWC) crew was on site to make repairs.

Then, around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, an LTS crew hit the actual water main itself near the intersection of West Porter Ave. and South Calumet Road. Jarka was unable to say when IAWC repaired that breach.

It’s unclear whether the line breaches were the result of faulty locates or something else, but O’Dell said that the contractor was informed of the utility-dense infrastructure along West Porter Ave. “We warned them that there’s a lot of utilities in that area.”

Schnadenberg, for his part, said that manhole lids will be pulled at West Porter Ave. and South Calumet Road to ensure that no stormwater or sanitary sewer has been “bored through.”

Verizon is in the process of installing a fiber-optic line through town to its cell tower at the Porter Regional Hospital ambulance barn at East Porter Ave. and Roosevelt Street. The line begins on South Babcock Road, runs east along 1050N, north on South 11th Street to 1100N, east to South Fifth Street, north to West Porter Ave., and then will proceed east the rest of the way to the tower.


Posted 5/13/2019




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