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Concrete poured for new Chesterton Park splash pad

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The concrete for the new splash pad at Chesterton Park has been poured, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported at Tuesday’s meeting of the Park Board.

“It looks good,” O’Dell said, although, he added, “the weather has been very hard on the project.”

O’Dell did note that he’s personally surprised by just how large the splash pad is, when you’re actually standing there looking at it. “It’s 75’ x 75’, which doesn’t look all that big on paper,” he said. “But yeah, it’s big.”

In fact, the venue itself is going to be even bigger than originally planned. The decision’s been made to add concrete “bump-outs” at each of the four corners as well as two others, on the west side and the east side, for the placement of picnic tables, benches, and umbrellas. The idea, O’Dell said, is to make the splash pad as user-friendly as possible for parents watching their kids playing. “They’ll be good places to sit down, watch, and relax.”

The splash pad will feature six main interchangeable attractions, including a four-bucket tilt, a three-bucket-tilt, an arch, an umbrella, and 30 separate water jets with a variety of sprays.

Cost: $104,686, which is being financed through a $2-million bond issued late in 2015.

New Dogwood Park Playground Equipment

In other business, O’Dell reported that installation of the new playground equipment at Dogwood Park could begin as soon as next week, weather permitting.

O’Dell did say that the contractor, Hacienda Landscaping of Plainfield, Ill., has estimated it will take approximately four weeks to complete the installation.

Even then, however, the equipment won’t be available to kids until fall-protection turf has been installed. O’Dell said that he’s currently working on specifications for the turf and that he’s hopeful children will be clambering over the new equipment by July.

Cost of the equipment: $182,109. Cost of the installation: $82,000. Estimated cost of the turf: $250,000. This project is also being financed through the bond issue.

European Market

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to give the Duneland Chamber of Commerce the okay to use a portion of Thomas Centennial Park during this year’s edition of the European Market.

The European Market begins its 2017 run on Saturday, May 6. It will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday during the season through Oct. 28.

Hooked on Art

Members also voted unanimously to authorize Frontline Foundations Inc. to hold the sixth annual Hooked on Art festival in Thomas Centennial from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23.



Posted 5/4/2017




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