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Chesterton Clerk-Treasurer’s Office to relocate to 1490 Broadway

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It’s the end of an era, a sort of an era at any rate.

On Wednesday, March 19, the Chesterton Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 726 Broadway will close.

It will re-open again, 24 hours later, on Thursday, March 20, but at a new location, seven blocks to the west, at the municipal complex at 1490 Broadway.

The move is part of the ongoing centralization of services made possible by the construction of the municipal complex.

All municipal meetings will continue to be held at the 726 Broadway location. The Clerk-Treasurer’s phone number--(219) 926-1641--will remain the same. Meanwhile, the old Clerk-Treasurer’s office space will become the new headquarters of the consolidated Chesterton-Porter police departments’ Detective Bureau.

Members spent a minute or two at the end of the Town Council’s meeting Monday night mulling a new name for the 726 Broadway location, as “Town Hall” won’t quite do anymore.

Member Sharon Darnell, D-4th, suggested “Town Meeting Hall and Public Safety Center.”

Members decided to give it some more thought.


Posted 3/11/2014




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