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Cincoski: Register cells on smart911com

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With more and more households abandoning land lines in favor of cell phones, Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski is urging folks to register their cell numbers with to ensure both fast and accurate response in an emergency.

When someone uses a land line to call the 911 Dispatch Center, Cincoski explained to the Town Council at its meeting Monday night, dispatchers automatically can match that number to a name and an address and direct responders accordingly.

But dispatchers don’t get the same information from cell phones, meaning that the caller’s location can only be triangulated roughly. In a crisis, that process wastes valuable time, Cincoski said.

So he’s recommending that residents go to free service--and establish a “safety profile” for their household. When anyone in that household calls 911 from a phone associated with that profile, including cell phones, all information in that profile, including an address, is immediately displayed to the dispatcher.

Reporting Complaints to CPD

In related business, Cincoski also is urging residents to use the “Report a Problem” tab on the CPD page of the town’s municipal website advisedly.

In particular, the “Report a Problem” tab was never intended for time-sensitive issues or emergencies.

“If you have a legitimate problem, don’t report it on the website,” Cincoski said. The website is not 911, it’s not monitored 24/7, and it may be several days before Cincoski actually receives a problem report.

Cones on Loan

Meanwhile, members voted 4-0 at Cincoski’s recommendation to approve the loan of traffic cones and barricades to the organizers of the Hero Half Marathon and 10K, scheduled to be run on Sunday, Oct. 20, from and then back to Indiana Dunes State Park.

The event--organized by Lighthouse Events--should not impinge on traffic in the Town of Chesterton, Cincoski said, it’s general route is east of Dunes State Park, but cones and barricades are needed for traffic control.


Cincoski also reported that the Police Commission has scheduled this year’s trick-or-treat for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31, “the same as all surrounding jurisdictions.”

But there will be an earlier trick-or-treat, sponsored by the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25, at Downtown businesses.

Cincoski warned motorists to use caution during that time, especially in and around the Downtown.

CFD Thanks the Community

Fire Chief Mike Orlich took a moment on Monday to thank the community for its terrific support of the second annual Lights & Sirens Parade on Saturday and for its attendance at the annual CFD Open House after.

Both events were held to launch this year’s edition of National Fire Prevention Week.

Engine 512, Again

And Orlich reported that Engine 512 will be out of service for the next couple of weeks, after developing a number of problems, including issues with the pump, the transmission, and either the chassis or suspension.


Posted 10/15/2013