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Chesterton's Jim Ton to chair NIRPC board another year

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Town Council President Jim Ton, R-1st, lost his bid last week to succeed Jim Biggs on the Porter County Council, when a GOP caucus elected Burns Harbor Town Council Member Andy Bozak to fill the open seat.

On the upside, Ton will serve another year as chair of the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission’s Executive Board, a position he would have had to resign had he succeeded Biggs on the County Council.

As Ton noted at the Town Council’s meeting Monday night, there are no term limits for officers on NIRPC’s Executive Board but “NIRPC does try to shift officers from county to county every year.”

Ton added that, as Executive Board Chair, he has called a meeting of NIRPC’s full membership for the purpose of considering a slate of candidates for next year’s officers.

Ton did take a moment to say that Town Engineer Mark O’Dell will continue to serve on NIRPC’s technical advisory committee. “When they see Mark coming, they know something is going to have to happen,” Ton said. “Mark, you make things happen.”


Later in the meeting, Town Manager Bernie Doyle congratulated Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg and his crew in the Street Department for reaching the two-year mark without any loss-time injury.

“That comes with due diligence,” Doyle said. “That’s not easy to do, especially with the kind of work they do.”

Doyle remarked that the other municipal departments also have excellent loss-time records, a fact which Member Lloyd Kittredge, R-2nd, similarly commended.

All the Best to the Good Folks at Kmart

Member Dane Lafata, D-3rd, took a moment at the end of the meeting to wish all the employees at the Chesterton Kmart his best, following Sears Holding Corporation’s announcement last week that the store would be shuttered in March.

On a recent visit, Lafata said, he saw customers waiting in line to hug Cheryl and her assistant in the pharmacy and bid them farewell. “That’s something you don’t see very often.”


Posted 1/10/2017




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