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Chesterton town employees honored for their years of service

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The Chesterton Town Council is honoring the following municipal employees for their longevity.

With 35 years of service to the town: Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg; Keith Parker (Street).

With 25 years: Assistant Police Chief Dave Lohse.

With 20 years: Fire Chief John Jarka; Office Larry Powell (Police).

With 15 years: Town Engineer Mark O’Dell; Jill Keiser (Clerk-Treasurer’s Office); Communications Supervisor Ashley Taylor (Police).

With 10 years: Dispatcher Christopher Baros (Police); Jerry Graves (Utility); Charles Surgener (Building); Hilary Thomas-Peterson (Park).

And with five years: Officer Aaron Miersma (Police); Amanda Miller (Utility); Jason Morse (Street).


Posted 12/22/2017




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