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Chesterton Town Council gets recycling lesson

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Therese Hall, executive director of Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction (PCRWR), is reminding folks that not everything is recyclable.

From the floor at Monday night’s meeting of the Chesterton Town Council, Hall said that PCRWR’s contracted recycler, Homewood Disposal Service, will not accept the following items:

* Plastic bags (although “every retailer will take back plastic bags,” Hall said).

* Used pizza boxes.

* Aerosol cans.

* Shredded paper.

* Solo cups.

* Prescription bottles.

* Electronics and TVs.

* Batteries.

* Styrofoam.

* Garden hoses.

* Christmas lights.

“We’re trying to teach people better recycling habits,” Hall noted. “Recycling is only effective if the recycler can process and market the recycled materials.”

Meanwhile, Hall told the council that the PCRWR recycling containers located on the east side of the Strack & Van Til in Chesterton have been retrofitted with smaller openings, in an effort to disincentivize people’s dropping off junk like old toilets, lumber, and furniture. “It takes a little longer to do it now,” she said.

PCRWR is currently working on the installation of a surveillance camera at the Strack site, so that information on improper drop-offs can be collected and forwarded to law enforcement, Hall added.

Hall also reminded folks that they can leave their old smoke alarms at the Chesterton fire station. All smoke alarms contain a “minute amount of radioactive material,” she said, and must thus be handled differently, in the PCRWR’s case by a handler in Nevada who removes the radioactive material, sends it to a special disposal site, and then recycles the rest.

Last year approximately 200 smoke alarms were collected at FDs throughout Porter County, but most of them were dropped off at the CFD.

Finally, Hall announced that PCRWR’s annual hazardous waste collection event in Chesterton will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, July 6, at Westchester Intermediate School, 1050 S. Fifth St. in Chesterton.


Posted 2/27/2019




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