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Chesterton to be empurpled in runup to Relay for Life

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In the run-up to this year’s Relay for Life—Saturday, July 14, at Chesterton Middle School—start looking for purple ribbons and banners in town.

At the Chesterton Town Council’s meeting Monday night, Relay Chair Jane Delligatti requested and received permission to festoon streetlights and such in purple.

Members were fine with the idea, so long as the ribbons are removed soon after the event.

“They’ll be down within five days,” Delligatti said. “Hopefully the day after but I can’t guarantee that.”

Delligatti added that she will be seeking similar permission from the Park Board to hang a banner from the bandstand in Thomas Centennial Park.

Front-end Loader

In other business, members voted 5-0 to authorize Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg to begin the process of purchasing a new front-end loader, with the understanding that the Street Department’s current one would be sold to the Utility for its appraised value: $50,000.

The Utility, in turn, would make the first two annual lease-purchase payments on the new one—$25,000 each—after which Schnadenberg would use his own budget to make the final annual payments.

Schnadenberg originally broached the arrangement with the Utility Service Board—which also endorsed—by noting that the Utility makes frequent use of the Street Department’s loader. But frequently Schnadenberg has been forced to deny requests by the Utility, as the loader has been needed for Street Department work.

“Seems like a commonsense approach to solving a couple of problems at the same time,” remarked Member Jim Ton, R-3rd.

Sidewalk Wrap-up

Meanwhile, Schnadenberg submitted his final report on this season’s sidewalk projects, funded with $30,000 from the town’s share of riverboat tax revenues:

•150 feet of sidewalk were raised, to eliminate tripping hazards.

•317 tripping hazards were ground down.

•1,500 feet of new sidewalk, including ADA ramps, were poured.

The Street Department stopped, Schnadenberg noted, only when the money was gone.


Posted 6/27/2012