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Chesterton streetsweep program is now complete

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At a short and uneventful meeting of the Chesterton Stormwater Management Board on Monday, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported that the Street Department has completed a full sweep of the town.

Streetsweeping is one of the requirements of the federally mandated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program administered by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). The point of streetsweeping: to remove gravel, debris, and cigarette butts from the roadways before the litter can enter storm drains during rain events.

IDEM requires a complete annual accounting of the results of a municipalityís streetsweeping program. Although the results for 2017 havenít yet been tabulated, MS4 Operator Jennifer Gadzala told the Chesterton Tribune after the meeting that in 2016 the townís two streetsweepers cleaned a total of 453 miles of roadway (some of the roadways were swept more than once) and collected fully 134 cubic yards of litter.

SepticSmart Week

In other business, Gadzala expressed her gratitude to the Town Council for formally proclaiming the week of Sept. 18-22 SepticSmart Week in the town.

SepticSmart Week is an outreach of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency aiming to educate homeowners on the proper care and maintenance of their septic systems.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 homes in incorporated Chesterton are still served by septic systems, Gadzala noted.

The core messages of SepticSmart Week:

* Think at the sink.

* Donít overload the commode.

* Shield your field.

* Test your drinking well water.

* for more information, visit

August in Review

In August the Stormwater Utility ran a surplus of $22,640 and in the year-to-date is running a surplus of $116,655.







Posted 9/20/2017




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