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Chesterton Police K9 policy amended: New dogs will no longer receive aggression training

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Over the half dozen or so years of their active service with the Chesterton Police Department, K-9 partners Kahr and Igor conducted many scores of drug searches and tracks.

They were never deployed, however--not even on a single occasion--in a use-of-force situation requiring suspect control.

Which is why Police Chief Dave Cincoski has amended the CPD’s Standard Operating Procedure governing K-9 partners, to remove the official policy which required the CPD’s dogs to undergo aggression training.

As Cincoski told the Police Commission at its meeting last week, he made that decision for several reasons. For one thing, only certain breeds, like German shepherds, are suitable for aggression training, and that fact significantly limits the choice of dogs which can be acquired. Aggression training in and of itself is very expensive, Cincoski added--comprising more than half the cost of all K-9 training--it requires regular re-certification, and it makes K-9 partners more susceptible to injury.

“And,” he noted, “it opens the department to liability issues.”

Other breeds--labradors, for instance--make excellent drug detectors and trackers, Cincoski said, and when the CPD is in a position to make a new K-9 acquisition it will likely look in that direction.

The commission unanimously endorsed the amended SOP.

Crime Mapping

In other business, Cincoski reported that he and MS4 Operator Jennifer Gadzala are using the town’s GIS system to compile crime-mapping data which, when completed, will be uploaded to the town’s website at

The data will include the location of accidents and of crimes against persons and property as well as the residences of sex offenders, Cincoski said.

The crime maps should be on line and live by the time the commission next meets, on March 8.

Personnel Update

Meanwhile, Cincoski reported that six graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy applied for lateral-transfer positions with the CPD under an emergency hiring process authorized by the commission late last year. The six were duly informed of the time and place to undergo written testing but only one actually showed up on the day. It’s unclear why, Cincoski told the commission.

On the other hand, probationary officers Alexias DeJesus and Kaitlin Bruning began their coursework at the Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in January, Cincoski said. “From all reports I’ve had, they’re doing very well and certainly making names for themselves.”

Fleet Purchase

Cincoski also reported on the status of this year’s fleet purchase: three new Ford Explorers have been ordered, and a request to the Town Council for authorization to solicit quotes for equipping them will be forthcoming.

Cincoski did say that the Explorers have proved extremely popular with officers.

Election of Officers

Members, for their part, elected officers for 2018: Mike Orlich to the presidency; Tim Scheerer to the vice-presidency; and Pete Duda to the secretariat.

With Gratitude

In addition, the commission took receipt of a note of thanks--accompanied by a $500 donation to the CPD Gift Fund--from Nicki Caylor of Running Vines for the department’s assistance during the Festivus 5K fundraiser late last year.

The commission also received a note of thanks--accompanied by several large pizzas provided to officers--from James Metcalf and Dan Fowler of CME Lending Group.

January in Review

In January the CPD responded to 663 calls (687 in December), filed 46 cases (52), issued 36 citations and 27 warnings (72 and 84), and investigated 36 accidents with two injuries (44 accidents with eight injuries).

Calls for service in January included one suicide (zero), 72 suspicious vehicles or persons, 11 thefts (six), one incident of vandalism (three), one overdose (one), 50 alarms (41), one railroad complaint (zero), 162 traffic stops (226), 21 disturbances (19), six reports of fraud (six), one runaway (one), and one report of a sex offense (zero).



Posted 2/13/2018




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