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Chesterton planners to get first look at Urschel PUD Thursday

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The 157.41 acres which Urschel Laboratories Inc. is purchasing at Coffee Creek Center will be developed in two phases.

Only Phase I is on the table right now: the 75 acres in the southern half of Coffee Creek Center’s southeastern quadrant,

That, according to the amendment to the planned unit development ordinance governing the Third Addition to Coffee Creek Center--the new home of Urschel Laboratories Inc.--very roughly bordered by an extended Gateway Blvd. to the north and by the Indiana Toll Road to the south.

That, according to the amendment to the planned unit development ordinance governing the Third Addition to Coffee Creek Center, which Urschel Laboratories will present to the Chesterton Advisory Plan Commission at its next meeting, 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18, at the town hall.

“There is no plan of development now for Phase II,” Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann told the Chesterton Tribune on Monday. “Urschel is not even proposing anything for Phase II at this point. And when they do, they will have to come back to the Plan Commission for approval.”

Phase II extends from the northern boundary of Phase I all the way north to Harrington Drive in Morgan’s Corner. At the moment, Dickinson Road, Dunbar Street, and Hickory Grove Street all dead-end at Phase II’s northern boundary.

Phase I Details

The amendment to the PUD which planners will see on Thursday features only one new permitted use: “The use shall be for ‘Urschel Laboratories Inc. headquarters and manufacturing facility campus’ along with ancillary uses and accessory structures for the production of size reduction equipment and related products.”

Basically, Lukmann said, the PUD “define what Urschel does and that is the use.”

Accessory uses may include bulk material handling buildings and storage tanks, mechanical structures, maintenance and ground support buildings, carports, covered parking structures, and health and fitness centers.

The PUD governing the Third Addition to Coffee Creek Center has, since originally permitted years ago, always provided for light manufacturing.

Under the amending to this PUD, Phase I may “also include an environmental conservation area and preserve use.”

In addition, the amendment lists 10 specific variances from the Zoning Ordinance, including the following:

¥Principal building structures may be 50 feet in height, in lieu of 35 feet.

¥Accessory structures may be 60 feet in height, in lieu of 16, and may be located closer than 10 feet to the principal building.

¥Widths of stalls in the private parking lot may be 9.5 feet, in lieu of 10 feet; and lengths 19 feet, in lieu of 20 feet.

¥There may be two monument signs with a combined maximum gross surface area of 400 square feet, in lieu of one free-standing sign with a maximum gross surface area of 120 square feet.

¥Free-standing flags may be placed in the entrance roadway and the parking lot, with each flag having a maximum gross surface area of 120 square feet and a maximum height of 25 feet.


The Urschel Laboratories facility will be accessed via two routes. The first will be an extended Gateway Blvd. via a four-lane bridge which the company will construct over Coffee Creek at its own expense. The extended Gateway Blvd. will be a public roadway as far east as a turn-around which the company will also construct. But after a motorist exits the turn-around, he or she will be on a private roadway owned and maintained by Urschel Laboratories.

A second entrance will be sited off C.R. 200E, the easternmost limit of both Coffee Creek Center.

“The movement of deliveries, employees, customers, and visitors on the property for Phase I minimizes impact to adjacent property and roadways by centralizing access for Phase I by Gateway Blvd. and C.R. 200E,” the PUD states.

Recreational Space for Employees

In addition, the PUD notes that, while there will be “no public active recreational space being set aside” in Phase I, “there are active areas being developed on site for employees and visitors of the owner” of the property.

“These active areas are planned to be connected to the existing public walkways within the Coffee Creek Conservancy area adjacent and west of Phase I,” the PUD adds.


Lukmann said that the Advisory Plan Commission could hold a public hearing on the PUD at its May meeting. Urschel Laboratories is hopeful of beginning construction in June or July.

The PUD estimates a completion date of October 2015 or “sometime thereafter.”



Posted 4/18/2013