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Chesterton planners preview new condos and upscale apartments

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Thursday’s Chesterton Plan Commission meeting saw proposals for two new developments including condominium style homes in Duneland Cove and a site plan for up-scale apartment buildings in Coffee Creek Center.

Duneland Cove proposes to add 40 new homes in a new planned unit development to its southwest corner, in close proximity to the Franciscan Omni Health and Fitness Center,

Vic Roberts of Vic Roberts Development Inc. said there is a growing demand by residents to have housing options for their aging parents like a condominium rather than having to purchase a full home. Duneland Cove plans to request a new planned unit development to have smaller and more energy efficient homes that could accommodate senior residents for about $170,000 to $200,000 depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

“It’s really tough today to build a house for grandpa and grandma for under $200,000,” he said.

Roberts said there will be four buildings with four residencies and three others with eight for a total of 40 homes with garages.

The location is where phase four of Duneland Cove was originally planned about two decades ago along Michael Drive, Roberts said. Traffic will flow from Michael Dr. onto Sand Creek Dr.

In the PUD, roads will be private and maintained by the homeowners association. Working with Roberts on the petition and figuring utility capabilities is attorney Greg Babcock.

He has been meeting with town staff to figure drainage points on the property.

The project was on the agenda as a concept review plan but the Commission’s attorney Julie Paulson said not all requirements have been fulfilled and therefore the official review will need to be at another meeting.

Commission President George Stone said his concern was that the condominiums would be “out of character” with the residential properties.

Roberts said the homes will not be unlike those nearby in Old Towne neighborhood and these won’t be apartments. He said he talked to a few of the residents who said they were okay with the proposal.

“Our goal is to create higher density homes that are energy efficient that they can’t do anywhere else right now,” Roberts said. He hopes to begin construction in the fall.

Commission member Fred Owens said he lives in Duneland Cove and likes the idea of the homes having easy access to the health center and doctor offices.

New development at Coffee Creek proposed

In another matter, engineer Jeff Ban of Development Visions Group (DVG) Inc. presented to the planners conceptual plans for luxury residential rental homes on 18 acres of property on the east side Kelle Drive between Railroad Rd. and Sidewalk Rd. with a total of 170 units spread out over 23 buildings.

The property is currently owned by Lake Erie Land Company and heading up development are Jon Hicks and Michael Sakich of In Good Company, Ban said.

The neighborhood, he said, is called Conservancy Point at Coffee Creek Center, which will likely be changed to avoid confusion with the Coffee Creek Center Conservancy District.

Buildings will have from two to ten and twelve units each and there are plans for two open spaces in the center, a clubhouse, a swimming pool and a children’s play area, the plans show. It is not planned to be a gated community.

The main entrance will be on Kelle Dr., with an exit for emergencies on Railroad Rd.

The proposal was not part of the official meeting agenda and the concept review would be at a later date but Ban said his group has been working with town staff who suggested to bring it up to the Commission to get their first impressions.

Ban said the buildings will be “prairie style homes” with an earthy appearance like those seen in Sand Creek. All utilities and roadways would be privately operated in a planned unit development.

Commision memeber Jeff Trout had questions about configuring the easiest way for residents to exit if they want to get to Ind. 49. “I’d say there should be as much connectivity as there can be.”

Stone said that this would not be contrary to original plans for Coffee Creek Center as they had planned for apartment buildings. The nearby Enclave Apartments in Coffee Creek are also luxury style apartments.

Commission member Thomas Kopko said he would like to see more open space as he sees on the map “very little grass and lots of black asphalt.”

Before plans are submitted for a formal concept review, Stone advised that the group “lower the density and open it up a bit more.”



Posted 5/22/2015




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