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Chesterton goes on record against TPP trade treaty

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The Chesterton Town Council has formally taken a position against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement negotiated by the Obama Administration which the United Steelworkers has said would be a job-killer and a threat to this nation’s regulatory structure.

At their meeting Monday night, members unanimously voted to oppose TPP, about a month after Valparaiso businessman Eric Jones and his colleague, Matt Richard, petitioned the council from the floor to join most of the cities and towns in Lake County which have already gone on the record in opposition to TPP. At the time members agreed to take the petition under advisement, and--on being pressed at their next meeting, two weeks later, by Mark Strudas--repeated that they continued to review the issue.

On Monday Richard returned to the council, wondering where matters stood. Richard’s view of TPP, despite President-elect Donald Trump’s words against it: that it remains a “live issue.”

“We’re not necessarily taking at face value” Trump’s pledge to spike TPP, Richard said.

Neither, apparently, is the council. “There are two aspects” of TPP “that can be troubling,” suggested Member Jim Ton, R-1st. TPP could hinder efforts by the U.S. World Trade Commission to take a bite out of the illegal dumping in this country of subsidized foreign steel imports, Ton said; and it could drop a monkey wrench into its health and safety regulatory standards.

Member accordingly voted to take a position against TPP.

TPP is a 12-nation pact which, the USW has said, would “dramatically increase job loss” in the domestic manufacturing sector; would “allow China to provide a majority of a car’s parts and get beneficial treatment under the deal because of weak rules of origin”; and would “give a foreign firm greater rights than domestic firms to challenge government policy intended to protect the public interest.”




Posted 12/15/2016




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