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Chesterton BZA sets hearings for shed and porch

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals will hold two public hearings next month.

In new business during Thursday’s BZA meeting, the board heard resident Keith Sharpe’s request to increase his lot coverage to 34 percent, a variance of 4 percent, at 309 S. 13th Street. Sharpe said he was encouraged by Town Building Commissioner Mark O’Dell to request a variance when he filed his building permit for a new shed that would put him over the maximum lot coverage.

Sharpe said he would like to use the shed to store lawn mowers, other yard equipment and furniture so his property would not be unsightly to his neighbors.

“We’ve always kept the house and yard nice and always try to be thoughtful of the neighbors. That’s why we are wanting to build the shed. I don’t want a bunch of stuff be on my property and be an eyesore,” Sharpe told the BZA.

BZA members said they had no problems with Sharpe’s petition and set the public hearing for the meeting on Aug. 24.

The same was done for Michael and Jessica Larson’s petition to reduce their front yard setback from 20 feet to 13 feet at 127 Wabash Ave. Michael Larson appeared before the BZA Thursday after his preliminary hearing was continued from last month when he had yet to file a petition.

Larson said he is seeking a variance to allow him to build a wrap-around porch on the house and the porch would encroach in the setback on the front side.

BZA attorney Julie Paulson said Larson’s paperwork was in order but encouraged him to strengthen the findings of fact as to what hardship would be presented if the variance wasn’t granted. Larson said the porch hew would revise the form to say the porch would improve the appearance of the house.



Posted 7/28/2017




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