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Chesterton balks at $2,500 in cash for Chamber fireworks

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The Chesterton Town Council is happy to provide $2,500 in in-kind services--in the form of police and fire protection--for this yearís edition of the fireworks extravaganza at Lake Michigan Lakeshore.

But, at the moment, members are hesitant to pony up an additional $2,500 in actual cash.

At their meeting Monday night, members voted unanimously to release both PD and FD personnel for the event, on June 29, but to table until their next meeting, May 8, Duneland Chamber of Commerce President Maura Durhamís request for $2,500 in funds.

Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela did say that there is a $2,500 line-item in CEDIT for the event, but members decided to mull Durhamís petition for another two weeks.

Last year, as Durham noted, the council provided both in-kind and cash totaling $5,000.

Rain date for the event: July 5.

Police Chief Dave Cincoski noted that in the past his officers have been tasked chiefly to traffic-control duties. Fire Chief John Jarka added that his firefighters typically remain on stand-by to cover the Town of Porter for the duration of the event.

European Market

In related business, members voted unanimously to renew for another year, without any substantive changes, the townís annual contract with the Chamber for the European Market.

That contract authorizes the Chamber to use the parking lot at its offices at 220 Broadway--property owned by the town--as well as a portion of Third Street.

The European Marketís opening day: Saturday, May 6. Itís closing day: Saturday, Oct. 28. It runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday during the season.


In other business, members voted unanimously to approve Street Commissioner John Schnadenbergís sidewalk project list for 2017.

The first order of business: replacing significant trip-hazard sidewalks along Cole and Bentley streets in Morganís Corner; in the 100 block of Beverly Drive; along Windridge Drive in the Tanglewood subdivision; and in 15 different locations, totaling 200 feet of sidewalk, in the Olde Towne subdivision. Schnadenberg noted that the trip-hazards have been caused mostly by tree roots buckling old sidewalks.

The Street Department will then begin working its way down a list of sidewalks in need of replacing, with the idea of doing as many as $35,000 will fund. The first five sidewalks on the list:

* East Morgan Ave., north side, from Roosevelt Street to Jeffrey Street.

* South 11th Street, from Park Ave. to a point 200 feet to the south.

* Broadway, from Fifth Street to a point 60 feet to the east.

* Lincoln Ave., north side, from Second Street to Third Street.

* West Indiana Ave., north side, between Fourth Street and Fifth Street.

A contractor will also be grinding down $15,000 worth of trip-hazards in the Villages of Sand Creek and in the Tamarack subdivision, Schnadenberg said.

Bus Barn Annexation

Meanwhile, members formally annexed the Duneland School Corporationís bus barn property, located on 6.2 acres on 100E in Liberty Township. Members first voted unanimously to approve an annexation agreement, then later in the meeting to approve the actual ordinance.

The point of the annexation: Duneland Schools has asked the Utility to provide sanitary service to the bus barn--whose current septic system is old and failing--but under a long-standing policy, a pre-condition of any tie-in for annexable unincorporated property is annexation.

Sanitary service will be provided via a line directional-bored beneath Ind. 49 and connected to a manhole in Coffee Creek Center.

No one spoke in support of the annexation and no one in opposition at a public hearing held on the matter at the councilís last meeting.



Posted 4/25/2017




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