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BZA to meet by Zoom on Tuesday, November 24

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals will meet by Zoom at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24.

The BZA normally meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, but this year the fourth Thursday coincides with Thanksgiving Day.

To participate, members of the public should call (312) 626-6799. Hit meeting ID 694 647 6245, then hit #. It will then ask for the participant ID. Hit # again. Phone numbers will be masked for privacy.

The BZA will be holding three public hearings on Tuesday, the first one on seven requested variances for the ALDI grocery store being developed on the site of the former Kmart on Indian Boundary Road:

-- To increase total square footage of gross surface area of all combined signs to 405 square feet, 285 more square feet than the maximum of 120 permitted by the Zoning Ordinance.

-- To construct a monument sign at a height of 11’ 2", 3’ 2” higher than the maximum of eight feet permitted.

-- To construct a second monument sign, also at a height of 11’ 2", 3’ 2” higher than permitted.

-- To permit a temporary sign during construction measuring 64 square feet, 32 square feet larger than permitted.

-- To permit a temporary sign for 30 days after construction, at a height of seven feet with a total surface area of 64 square feet, one foot taller and 40 square feet larger than permitted.

-- To permit a second temporary sign for 30 days after construction, wall-mounted and measuring 32 square feet, where the Zoning Ordinance does not permit wall-mounted temporary signs and only temporary signs of 24 square feet, a variance of eight feet.

-- And to permit a third temporary sign for 30 days after construction, also wall-mounted and also measuring 32 square feet.

The second public hearing will be on the petition of Shaun and Kimberly Connelly, who are requesting a variance to exceed the 30-percent maximum lot coverage by 9 percent. The Connelleys are seeking to build an in-ground swimming pool and patio in their backyard at 2701 Quicksilver Drive. “There is plenty of space for water to shed off in the property and a pool and patio won’t affect anyone else’s value,” they state in their petition. “The pool would look incomplete without the surrounding patio.”

The third public hearing is on the petition of James and Mary Ellen Whitenack, who are requesting two variances: one to reduce the front-yard setback from the minimum of 25 feet to 1’ 8", a variance of 23’ 4"; and the other to increase lot coverage from the maximum of 30 percent to 44 percent, a variance of 14 percent. The Whitenacks want to build a front porch on their home at 317 W. Indiana Ave. “The petitioner purchased the home in 2010,” according to the petition. “There is a small stoop in the front entryway of the house. The stoop is small in nature and not large enough for the family to sit together and enjoy. The petitioner decided a front porch would be a great project for his family to relax and sit on to enjoy the Downtown culture. The front porch would also add to the functionality of the home.”


Posted 11/20/2020




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