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BZA to hold hearing Thursday on Horizon Bank sign variances

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 23.

At that meeting the board will hold two public hearings.

The first will be on the petition of the Horizon Bank branch--located at the northeast corner of East Porter Ave. and Roosevelt Street in Morgan Park--for four variances, to replace an existing freestanding sign with a taller, larger one, combining both static and dynamic elements.

The variances required: one to increase the height of the sign to 20 6, 2 6 higher than the maximum height of 18 feet permitted by the Zoning Ordinance; another to increase the gross surface area to 180 square feet, 100 square feet more than the maximum of 80 square feet; a third to place the sign within four feet of the east lot line, six feet closer than the minimum distance of 10 feet; and a fourth to allow the erection of a freestanding sign in the first place, since under the Zoning Ordinance as recently amended a business in a B-2 zone located fewer than 30 feet from a public right-of-way--as the Horizon Bank branch is--is entitled only to a wall-mounted sign, not to a freestanding sign nor to a monument sign.

The top half of the sign would be static; the bottom half would feature a changing LED board which would promote only Horizon and its affiliates or community events. The sign itself would be located slightly west of the existing sign.

The second public hearing will be on the petition of Eric Robinson for three variances at 301 W. Morgan Ave., where he is seeking to build a townhome: one to increase lot coverage for a corner lot to 58 percent, 18 percent more than the maximum 40 percent allowed by the Zoning Ordinance; a second to reduce the side-yard setback to 7 10, four inches fewer than the minimum of eight feet; and a third to reduce the front-yard setback to 14 4, 10 8 fewer than the minimum of 25 feet.

Robinson wants to build a townhome on the property--the previous home on the site, built in 1890, was demolished this past fall--and the variances are needed in order for the garages to face the alley to the south, for a paved drive to be installed, and for the building to line up with the other homes in the 300 block of West Morgan Ave.



Posted 1/20/2020




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