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BZA OKs revised Centier Bank site plan

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Hearing the suggestions made by the Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals earlier this year, Centier Bank agreed to remove its current freestanding sign and reduce its total signage by 50 feet.

The BZA voted 5-0 on a new site plan presented by Centier Bank on Thursday that includes a new 90 sq. ft. monument sign on the northwest corner, 45 sq. ft. on each side, of the parcel next to CR 100E. A 30 sq. ft. monument sign on the east side along South Calumet Rd. is proposed to replace the freestanding sign once it’s taken down.

In addition, Centier will take down the awning sign over the drive through, resulting in 50 sq. ft. less of signage.

Representing Centier Bank, attorney Greg Babcock said the CR 100E sign will be ten feet south of the sanitary sewer line that runs north and east of the north property line.

Babcock said with the reductions, the bank is staying within the zoning requirements for signage. The only variance needed is for an additional monument sign.

Dan Plank, Vice President of Facilities for Centier, told the board “the goal of this is to improve our presence in Chesterton.”

“We really don’t have a great presence on County Road 100 East,” he said.

Babcock said that the building was built in the 1970s when South Calumet had been the major road for south Chesterton. The current freestanding sign was installed in 2003 but afterward, the development of the South Calumet Business District created a new four-way stop on CR 100E. The portion of South Calumet Rd. has since become a frontage road, Babcock said.

Centier originally proposed in July relocating a freestanding sign to its west side and install a monument sign on South Calumet Rd. Board members however commented that a freestanding sign would not fit the character of the area and suggested alternatives.

Babcock credited the board’s suggestions as what led to the new site plan, dropping freestanding signs altogether. BZA member Kim Goldak said she appreciates Centier listening.

BZA member Jim Kowalski said he “feels good” about continuing to get rid of the freestanding signs, serving the town well for the future.

If there is ever a case where a business in proximity to the South Calumet Business District comes to the board over signage, the board can now point to Centier as an example.

“We are setting a precedent for that area,” Kowalski said.

The board voted unanimously in approval after a public hearing. No one from the public was present.

Fleming home petition withdrawn

Thursday’s meeting agenda also had included a public hearing for the Joyce A. Fleming Revocable Living Trust’s request to reduce a front building setback from 25 feet to three feet at 112 Wilson St.

BZA President Joe Ackerman said the Flemings have formally withdrawn the petition.

Cliff Fleming had said at the preliminary hearing in November that a geotechnical engineer suggested the setback be reduced so the home planned for the property could be moved closer to the road due to potential erosion.

The BZA had approved a variance on the property earlier this year for the building setback to be reduced from 25 to nine feet.




Posted 12/23/2016




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