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BZA holds preliminary hearing on fence variance

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals conducted a preliminary hearing and the Plat Committee also met on Thursday.

In the BZA case, Robert and Kathleen Nickless, of 1067 Birch Trail Drive, care of contracted engineer Charlie Ray, sought approval at a preliminary hearing to request a variance that would allow them to construct a six-foot tall fence adjacent to a public right-of-way. Ray said that the back of the Nickless property abuts a sidewalk along South Fifth Street, and the requirements for fences adjacent to public rights-of-way dictate that such fences be no taller than four and a half feet.

Ray reported, and Board President Richard Riley also noted, that a homeowner near the Nickless property received a similar variance in the past. Ray said that the only requirement on the part of the Nickless’ is that they sign a release form accepting responsibility for any costs associated with removing or replacing the fence in the event that it must be taken down to make repairs in the right-of-way.

The Board opted to hold a public hearing for the case at its next meeting, May 24.

Plat Committee

In other business, the Plat Committee convened for a brief discussion regarding a minor subdivision by Southshore Development Group LLC.

Southshore has plans to construct a minor subdivision on a one-acre property between Wabash Ave. and Grant Ave. The property, zoned multi-family residential, is one-acre that will be divided into four lots for duplexes. Charlie Ray appeared on behalf of Southshore as Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reviewed the primary and secondary plats for the division of the property.

O’Dell found everything to be in order with both plats, and the committee approved them.



Posted 4/27/2018




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