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BZA hears plans for duplexes at Wabash and Grant

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals conducted two preliminary hearings at its meeting Thursday night.

In the first Charlie Ray appeared on behalf of Southshore Development Group LLC, which has plans to construct a minor subdivision between Wabash Ave. and Grant Ave. The property, zoned multi-family residential, is one-acre that will be divided into four lots for duplexes.

Ray said that Southshore Development is requesting four variances for the project: the waiver of sidewalk, curb, and gutter requirements on Grant Ave.; permission to install a non-standard sidewalk on Wabash Ave., specifically a four-foot one--one foot narrower than Town Code requres--to match the old four-foot sidewalk build along Wabash years ago; an increase in the size of private driveways because no on-street parking will be allowed on Grant; and an increase in permitted lot coverage from 30 percent to 40 percent.

Town Attorney Julie Paulson, however, noted that some of Southshore’s documentation cited the wrong sections of Town Code. In addition, she said, Ray will need to have power of attorney if he wishes to represent Southshore Development at the public hearing.

In the second petition, Michael Rugby Popa, representing himself, requested three variances for his property at 1531 Snead Ave.: one to construct an addition within his side-yard setback; one to build an accessory structure in front of the front plane of his house; and one to increase lot coverage to 40 percent.

Popa said his situation is unique, since he has very few neighbors. “To the south there are woods and behind is a golf course,” he said of his property. He reported that he has already informally notified his neighbors and Homeowner’s Association of the planned construction.

Not all was in order, however. Paulson pointed out some errors in his documentation and said that Popa’s petition does not specify how far the new addition will extend into the setback or which sections of Town Code apply to the variances. O’Dell also told Popa that a fourth variance will be necessary for his plans because the proposed accessory structure will be less than five feet from his property line. Board President Richard Riley suggested that Popa get written proof of support from the HOA.

Both Southshore Development Group LLC and Popa have until Feb. 5 to submit corrected petitions for approval. Contingent upon receipt of the new petitions, the BZA will hold public hearings for both cases at its next meeting, Feb. 22.

Board Election

In other business, the board unanimously elected new officers. Richard Riley will now serve as President and Kim Parrilli Goldak as Vice-President. Gail Murawski will remain secretary.

Member Fred Owens was absent.



Posted 1/26/2018




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