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BZA grants lot coverage variance on Jefferson Avenue

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals has granted a variance to permit slightly more lot coverage than permitted by the Zoning Ordinance to a homeowner who wants to add a three-season room to his residence at 615 Jefferson Ave.

At their meeting Thursday night, members voted unanimously to grant the variance to Terry Hiestand, whose plans for the 16’ x 16’ room will bump total lot coverage on the property up to 35 percent, 5 percent more than permitted.

Hiestand told the board that he and his wife recently moved from their home in Graham Woods to the one-story ranch on Jefferson Ave. after arthritis made taking stairs painful and impractical for his wife. What makes the house convenient for them, however, is also what makes a variance necessary: adding a room to a one-story home inevitably increases its overall footprint and therefore its lot coverage. “If this were a two-story home, it wouldn’t be an issue,” Hiestand said.

Hiestand noted that the wings of the ranch will block views of the three-season room to the north and west and that the nearest properties to the east and south are “far removed” from their house.

“Thirty-five percent coverage really wouldn’t be a negative,” Hiestand said, then added that planned unit development ordinances for some of the subdivisions currently being built in town provide for substantially more lot coverage than 30 percent.

The board agreed with Hiestand.

Members Joe Ackerman and Fred Owens both said they had no issues with Hiestand’s petition, while Member Kim Parrilli-Goldak wished the Hiestands joy of their new room. “I’m happy for you and you’ve made a great choice,” she said. “I think the room would be a lovely addition.”

At a public hearing prior to the vote, no one spoke in favor of the petition and no one in opposition.

November Meeting Date

Members took a moment at the end of the meeting to re-schedule the date of their next meeting, which conflicts with Thanksgiving. Next month the BZA will meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 20.



Posted 10/27/2017




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