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Board sets hearing on $1 million stormwater bond issue

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Town of Chesterton residents will have the chance to voice their opinion of a proposed $1 million stormwater bond issue at a public hearing next month. At its meeting Monday night, the Stormwater Management Board voted 3-0 to set a public hearing at 6:15 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12, on a “confirmatory resolution” which would seal the deal on the proposed issue.

On Monday, members voted 3-0 to adopt a “declaratory resolution” to the effect that “it is necessary for the protection of the public health and welfare” of residents “and the safeguarding of property” to undertake the contemplated projects.

The total cost of those projects would not exceed $1 million and that sum includes the “soft” costs like consultant and legal fees.

Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson emphasized that the bond issue will not affect property-tax rates. “There won’t be a rate increase necessary,” he said.

In fact, the last payment on the 2000 stormwater bond issue—which totaled $835,000 and funded several large-scale drainage projects, including one on 21st Street and another on Wabash Ave.—will be made by Dec. 1. Payments on the proposed new issue will simply replace those made on the 2000 one.

There are 16 projects on the bond list. In order of priority:

•The clearing of the Lincoln Street storm basin in the area of 23rd Street. Cost: $75,000.

•A stormwater lift station to be built in the alley behind Val’s Pizza to drain the lowest area in town during heavy rains. Cost: $125,000.

•A second lift station to be built in an alley off 11th Street just north of West Porter Ave. Cost: $125,000.

•Drainage work in the Western Acres subdivision. Cost: $75,000.

•Drainage work to alleviate flooding on 11th Street in the area of Chesterton High School. Cost: undetermined and dependent on the engineering solution.

•Work on the Pope O’Connor Ditch in the area of 1100N. Cost: undetermined.

•The installation of best management practices at the Crocker compost site. Cost: $75,000.

•Drainage work on Gladys Lane in the Westchester South subdivision. Cost: undetermined.

•Work on the CSX ditch. Cost: $75,000 plus railroad permit fees.

•Stormsewer repairs on 23rd Street. Cost: $250,000 based on 800 feet of pipe in need of repair.

•Work on ditches and culverts in the Morningside subdivision. Cost: $50,000.

•Closing and piping the open ditch on the north side of West Porter Ave. between 19th and 23rd streets. Cost: $150,000.

•Replacement of a stormwater sewer on Taylor Street. Cost: $50,000.

•Work on an open ditch on 1100N east of the CVS Pharmacy. Cost: $50,000.

•Extension of a stormwater sewer in the area of 23rd and Wood streets. Cost: $7,500.

•Drainage work in the 1000 block of Park Ave. Cost: $50,000.

The total estimated cost so far: $1,182,500, or $182,500 more than the maximum amount of the issue. Last month Town Engineer Mark O’Dell told the Chesterton Tribune that as many projects as possible would be completed under the issue but not all the projects on the list.

In other business, members took under advisement a proposed 2012 budget.


•Total estimated revenue for stormwater fees: $432,500.

•Total estimated revenue for operations: $402,500.

•Total estimated expenses: $402,350. Salaries and wages are estimated to account for $243,000 of the total expenses; pensions and benefits, $108,600; materials and supplies, $5,000; contractual services, $13,500; transportation, $5,500; MS4 education and outreach, $14,000; and miscellaneous expenses, $12,750.

•Net surplus: $150.

October in Review

The Stormwater Utility ran a surplus in October of $12,319 and in the year-to-date is running a deficit of $11,178.


Posted 11/22/2011