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April 11 Joanne Lewis Day in town

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For a quarter of a century--since Jan. 1, 1989--she’s toiled at the Chesterton town hall, quietly, efficiently, uncomplainingly, eventually becoming former Clerk-Treasurer Gayle Polakowski’s deputy and right hand.

More recently, Joanne Lewis stepped into the breach, when Polakowski began ailing, and proved herself the most stalwart of employees.

So at the Town Council at its meeting Monday night--to honor Lewis for her service on her imminent retirement, on March 31--voted 5-0 to proclaim Friday, April 11--her birthday, as it happens--“Joanne Lewis Day” in the Town of Chesterton.

The proclamation:

“Whereas Joanne Lewis has lived in the Chesterton/Porter area virtually all of her life; and

“Whereas Joanne Lewis began her career as a dedicated, exemplary office clerk on Jan. 1, 1989, eventually becoming a deputy clerk-treasurer for Chesterton long-time clerk-treasurer, Gayle Polakowski; and

“Whereas in recent years Joanne took it upon herself to go above and beyond the call of duty in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office during very difficult times; and

“Where Joanne’s deep love for the Town of Chesterton is also reflected in the fact that she attended evening board meetings, special meetings, and any other extracurricular activity she was asked to perform without additional compensation. Joanne simply considered these matters an extension of her day-to-day duties on behalf of the Office of the Chesterton Clerk-Treasurer; and

“Whereas Joanne has been married to her husband, Dwight, for over 20 years, having four grown children and four grandchildren. Upon her retirement on March 31, 2014, Joanne plans to spend time with friends and family and enjoy watching her grandchildren grow.

“It is hereby proclaimed by the Chesterton Town Council as follows:

“In recognition of her exemplary service to the Town of Chesterton and her community, an example she sets for all, the Chesterton Town Council hereby proclaims April 11, 2014, to be ‘Joanne Lewis Day’ in the Town of Chesterton, which coincidentally is also her birthday.”

After its vote on Monday, members and attendees rose to their feet and gave Lewis a standing ovation.

Town employees honored for service

They’ve worked for the Town of Chesterton for 205 combined years.

And at the Town Council’s meeting Monday night, they were honored for their longevity.

Town Manager Bernie Doyle presented each with a plaque commemorating an employment landmark:

* Mark Lynk, Street Department, 25 years.

* Gayle Polakowski, former Clerk-Treasurer, 25 years.

* Rick Fancher, Building Department, 25 years.

* Sgt. Charles Rinker, Police Department, 20 years.

* Bruce Mathias, currently superintendent, Park Department, 20 years.

* Paul Williams, Utility, 20 years.

* Sgt. Randy Komisarcik, Police Department, 15 years.

* Dave Cincoski, currently chief, Police Department, 15 years.

* Capt. Aimee Gilbert, Fire Department, 10 years.

* Lt. Steve Himan, Fire Department, 10 years.

* Griffin Baltz, Park Department, 10 years.

* Clint Ihler, Utility, 10 years.




Posted 3/25/2014