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Apply now for seat on Stormwater board

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A seat has opened on the Chesterton Stormwater Management Board, with the resignation of Christine Livingston, who has moved out of town.

At its meeting Monday night, the Town Council invited residents interested in serving on the board to submit a letter of interest to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 726 Broadway.

Applicants may be either Republican or Democrat.

The deadline for submitting a letter is the close of business on Monday, May 13.

Permit Fee Waived

for Duneland Resale

In other business, members voted 5-0 to waive the building permit fee for the Duneland Resale Shop’s remodeling of its newly acquired annex, at 878 W. Indiana Ave.

Dan Johnston, representing Duneland Resale--whose main facility is located at 801 Broadway--told the council that no really extensive work is planned. “No structural changes,” he said. “Just sprucing it up and giving it a new appearance.”

Acting Building Commissioner

Meanwhile, members also voted 4-0 to appoint Fire Chief Mike Orlich as acting building commissioner, while Building Commissioner Dave Novak takes a leave of absence.

Prior to Novak’s appointment to the post, Orlich served in the position for several years.

No Sewage Bypasses

Last Week

Despite heavy rains last week--though nowhere near as heavy as those which deluged some towns in Illinois--there were no bypasses of sewage into the Little Calumet River, Utility Superintendent Rob Lovell reported.

Such bypasses--otherwise known as combined sewer overflows--occur in heavy rain events when stormwater enters the sanitary sewer systems and overwhelms the wastewater treatment plant’s capacity.

Rebuilding Together

Member Emerson DeLaney, R-5th, took a moment at the end of the meeting to express his hope--based on the latest forecast--that Rebuilding Together Duneland may, just possibly, at last have a spot of good weather Saturday, when volunteers gather to work on projects at 13 sites.

Rebuilding Together--like Relay for Life--has a funny way of being rained on.

The Thin Blue Line

At the suggestion of Member Jim Ton, R-1st, the council and attendees opened Monday’s meeting with 30 seconds of silence to remember the dead and the wounded of the Boston Marathon bombing. Then, at the end of the meeting, Ton observed that “the thin blue line” is no mere expression but a real thing, the front line on which law enforcement keeps us safe from “chaos.”



Posted 4/24/2013