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Consultant submits final draft on recommended DK Trail route thru town

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The Town of Chesterton’s contracted consultant on the Dunes-Kankakee Trail has submitted the final draft of its report on the trail’s recommended route through town.

The Town Council took receipt of the report at its meeting Monday night.

There are no real surprises. The route will begin in Chesterton wherever it terminates in Porter, either at 15th Street or possibly North Jackson Blvd. It will proceed east along the south side of Broadway to Third Street, cut south—in its first phase—to West Morgan Ave., then east to South Calumet Road, then south to Rail Road and into Coffee Creek Center, where it will eventually cut a utility corridor before entering Porter County’s jurisdiction.

Phase I will include no “separated facilities,” as SEH consultant Gregg Calpino said. Instead, in what he called the “paint option” of Phase I bicyclists will share the roadways with motorists or use sidewalks. Because Police Chief Dave Cincoski expressed concern about routing bicyclists east on the one-way West Indiana Ave., they will instead—in this first phase—go one block south to West Morgan Ave. and from that point proceed east.

Bicyclists entering the town from the south, however, will use West Indiana Ave. on their way west to Third Street.

Calpino estimated the cost of Phase I at $1.8 million; that of Phase II—with its separated facilities—at $3.5 million.

Members voted 4-0 to accept the report pending any further comments from staff. Member Nick Walding, R-3rd, was not in attendance.

“I think it’s time to get serious about getting this done,” said Member Jim Ton, R-1st.

SEH’s report cost $50,000. The town covered half of the expense. A grant from the Lake Michigan Coastal Program covered the other half.

Farming at

Coffee Creek Center

In other business, members voted 4-0 on first reading to approve an amendment to the planned unit development ordinance governing Coffee Creek Center, 4-0 to suspend the rules, then 4-0 to approve that amendment on final reading.

That amendment will permit Bob Rhoda to crop-farm up to 135 acres in the Third Addition to Coffee Creek Center. Rhoda will lease the undeveloped property from the Lake Erie Land Company, which has committed to establishing a 75-foot perimeter buffer around any farmed area and to adjust the buffer if any of the farmed land is sold for development.

From the Streets

Meanwhile, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg announced that—with the re-surfacing of Fifth Street between 1100N and 1050N—this season’s paving projects have been completed.

Schnadenberg also announced that the town has locked in a price of $54.63 per ton for street salt for this upcoming winter season. “That’s basically the same as last year’s price,” he said.

Re: The Circus

Fire Chief Mike Orlich took a moment to thank everyone who helped make the Kelly Miller Bros. Circus’ two shows at Dogwood Park on Monday so successful.

“It turned out really well,” Orlich said. “There was a good turnout. I didn’t hear any negative comments about the show itself.”

Orlich in particular thanked the community for its support—proceeds from the circus do benefit the CFD—and Schnadenberg and Park Superintendent Bruce Mathias for providing some help during the circus’ setup on Monday morning.

Flu Shots

Clerk-Treasurer Gayle Polakowski announced that flu shots will be administered to municipal employees from 8 to 12 p.m. Oct. 2 and from 12 to 4 p.m. Oct. 4, at the town hall.

Constitution Week

The week of Sept. 12-24 will be Constitution Week in the Town of Chesterton, under a resolution unanimously adopted by members and submitted for their approval by the Daughters of the American Revolution.




Posted 8/30/2012