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Bid accepted for tennis and basketball courts in Chesterton Park

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Chesterton Park Board chose low bidder Reith-Riley Construction Tuesday to build new tennis and basketball courts in Chesterton Park.

The board was unanimous, in approving what Town Engineer Mark O’Dell termed the lowest and ‘most responsive’ bid from Reith-Riley of $88,453.

Highest bidder was Walsh and Kelly, of Griffith, with a bid of $100,400.

Second highest bid came from Gariup Construction Company, Inc., of Gary, at $99,840.

Third highest was Apex Excavation, Inc., of Valparaiso, with a bid of $97,998.66.

M.G. Marshall, of Valparaiso, made a bid of $94,293.20 and Reith-Riley was fifth, or lowest bidder, at $88,453.

Town engineer Mark O’Dell estimates that the details of the bid, including the performance and payment bonds and any other legal details can be worked out by the end of July. “We could have a notice to proceed by the first of August,” he said.

The project has an estimated completion time of 60 days, O’Dell added.

Repairs in Coffee Creek Park were also discussed. O’Dell told the board he has received the approval from the Army Corps of Engineers for construction in that park to repair damage from the September 2008 flooding.

O’Dell said work can now begin on the specifications of the work needed on the boardwalk, the pedestrian bridge and the horseshoe pits. The project could be ready to seek bids in August. That may allow most of the work to be completed before the end of the year, O’Dell estimated.

Curbing vandalism

Board member Roy Flaherty thanked involved citizens and the Chesterton Police for apprehending vandals recently in the act of damaging the bridge at Coffee Creek Park.

"This is the only way we’ll stop this,” he said. The best thing people can do when they witness vandalism, he said, is to call police. Even better, snap a photo on your cell phone.

“As tight as budgets are, “ he said, “vandalism is really an added strain,” for the park to repair.

Flaherty went on to ask that the board and staff request legal guidance on how changing the designated boundaries of Friendship Park, and setting more stringent rules on use of that park might help prevent vandalism and make the park safer and more pleasant for youngsters.

Disruptive teens using the park smoke, use foul language and even intimidate park users, he said.

Flaherty said that a definite park closing time, and no loitering rules might help make the park safer for families with young children.

“We need to talk to the town attorney and find out what’s in place now. I’ve had several complaints about language and behavior. There’s plenty of other park space--there’s no reason for bad behavior around our youngest age group.”

Flaherty also suggested the park department seek guidance from the town Police Chief on what “they need from us,” to enforce rules in the park.

Board member John Kroft complimented the recent placement of a new picnic table in Coffee Creek park, suggesting a barbeque pit could be added at the site.

The board also approved a special permit for the use of Thomas Park to the Duneland Chamber of Commerce for a wine tasting event set for Oct. 2


Posted 7/14/2010




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