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Town lists 2011 sidewalk replacement projects

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Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg has released the list of this season’s sidewalk projects.

This year—time and funds permitting, he told the Town Council at its meeting Monday night—the following sidewalks will be replaced:

• The south side of East Morgan Ave. from Wilson Street to Landman Street.

• Bowser Ave. in front of 303 and 307.

• The north side of East Morgan Ave. from Popolano’s parking lot east 175 feet.

• The south side of Jefferson Ave. from South Calumet Road to West Street.

• The south side of Westchester Ave. from Second Street to Taft Street. Also the north side of Westchester Ave. in front of 126.

• The east side of Second Street from just south of West Indiana Ave. south to Lincoln Ave.

• The west side of Eighth Street from West Indiana Ave. to West Morgan Ave.

• And Broadway from Jackson Blvd. to 18th Street.

Members voted 5-0 to approve the project list.

In related business, Schnadenberg reported on the results of a pilot program to remedy tripping-hazard sidewalks around Chesterton Middle School and down Fifth Street. Precision Concrete, over two days, eliminated a total of 180 tripping hazards and brought those sidewalks into compliance with Americans with Disability Act standards.

The council had previously approved an expenditure of $5,000—of the $33,000 in casino moneys earmarked for sidewalk repair and replacement—to fund the pilot program. That program Schnadenberg deemed a success. “It was money well spent,” he said. “I recommend we continue it next year in high traffic areas and school zones and eventually in the subdivisions.”

Change Order No. 2

Meanwhile, members voted 5-0 at Building Commissioner Dave Novak’s recommendation to approve the second and final change order for Phase II of the 15th Street municipal facility.

That order was for an add of $7,318.70, Novak said, but together the change orders represent a net deduct from the contract price of $175.30.

From the Town Manager

By votes of 5-0, members acted on two requests from Town Manager Bernie Doyle: the first to approve an expenditure of $1,300 in CEDIT funds for the purchase of a new laptop. Doyle’s old laptop will be used as a backup.

The second request: to approve the hiring of a summer intern to assist with the enhancement of the municipal website, at $10 per hour, five days per week for six weeks. The intern is a graduate of the Future of Chesterton Foundation’s annual Honors Economic project.

Duneland Y Fundraiser

Member also voted 5-0 to authorize the Duneland YMCA to hold a can fundraiser from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday, July 8, at the intersection of Broadway and Fourth Street.

Members declined to authorize the Y, however, to hold a similar fundraiser from 3 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 22, at the intersection of South Calumet Road and Porter Ave., after Police Chief Dave Cincoski raised safety concerns about the volume of traffic at the location.

Gratitude from Hebron

Doye took a moment to pass on to members the gratitude of the Hebron Town Council for assistance provided by the Chesterton Street Department in the aftermath of a damaging storm a couple of weeks ago.

“Nobody else helped Hebron,” Doyle said. “The emphasis was on Demotte and Crown Point. Hebron was sort of left to fend for itself.”

Doyle noted that Schnadenberg dispatched his grapple truck and crew and that “it was really remarkable what they did.”

“They had one small chipper,” Schnadenberg said. “And that was about it. So they were happy to see us.”

Member Jim Ton, R-1st, recalled how numerous municipalities rallied to the help Chesterton in August 2009, after an F-2 tornado buzz-sawed through town. “Pay it forward,” he said simply.



Posted 6/16/2011