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Teamsters strike halts paving in town

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Broadway between South Calumet Road and Fourth Street was set to be re-paved today.

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, at least not until Teamsters Local 142 settles its strike, called late last night.

Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune today that all paving in town has stopped. “It could be anywhere from a couple of days to a month,” he said.

Schnadenberg added that other unions—like Operators Local 150—are honoring Local 142’s job action and are refusing to cross picket lines.

As of deadline, Local 150 had not returned a call to the Tribune.

The Teamsters’ strike leaves only one project in town already underway in limbo, Schnadenberg noted: Sandpiper Drive, which has been milled but not re-resurfaced, so motorists on that stretch of roadway are going to have a bit of a rough ride until things get resolved.

It could have been worse, Schnadenberg added. “We knew of the possibility that there was going to be a strike, so we postponed the Broadway job and worked on some of the side streets,” he said. “Now I’m glad we did.”

In fact, this season’s paving contractor, Rieth-Riley Construction Company of Gary, has already completed nearly all of this seaon’s projects, Schnadenberg said. Remaining to be done are the following: Sandpiper Drive from Michael Drive north 925 feet; the alley behind the businesses on the east side of North Calumet Road between Michigan Ave. and River Ave.; South Jackson Blvd. between West Morgan Ave. and West Porter Ave.; and, of course, Broadway between South Calumet Road and Fourth Street.

One project on the list was postponed until next year: 20th Street from the 600 block to Union Ave. and then Union Ave to 23rd Street. Instead the asphalt budgeted for that project was used for Colonial Drive.

As soon as this year’s paving is done—whenever that will be—Schnadenberg will compile next year’s paving list.

Dunelanders who frequently use the crumbling 23rd Street between West Porter Ave. and 1100N may be interested in knowing that the towns of Chesterton and Porter—which share 23rd Street—are applying for stimulus funding to re-pave that roadway next year, Schnadenberg said.



Posted 6/8/2010





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