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Chesterton TIF board okays 2013 project list

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The Chesterton Redevelopment Commission has approved a list of possible projects in the town’s tax increment financing district.

Members voted 4-0 to okay the list. Member Ed Schoenfelt was not in attendance.

The list:

•Paving: East Porter Ave. from Cherry Hills Drive east to the bridge past the entrance to Sand Creek Drive; 1100N from Pioneer Trail to Dickinson Road; 1100N from Dickinson Road to and including Sand Creek Drive South; and Lois Lane behind the South Calumet Road business block. Estimated cost: $228,000.

•Replacement of sidewalk along South Calumet Road at Lincoln Ave. in front of the gas station and the installation of a storm drain from Lincoln Ave. south to the alley. Estimated cost: $15,000.

•The installation of decorative pole sleeves along South Calumet Road from Porter Ave. south to 1100N. Estimated cost: $20,000.

•The replacement of sidewalk with ADA ramps on the west side of South Calumet Road from West Morgan Ave. south to the alley. Also: the replacement of sidewalk on the east side of South Calumet Road from East Morgan Ave. north approximately 300 feet. Estimated cost: $25,000.

•Crack sealing along Venturi Drive, Dickinson Road, and Roberts Road. Estimated cost: $15,000.

•Thermal striping of roadways in the TIF district. Estimated cost: $15,000.

•Replacement of nine trees which have died in the South Calumet District. Estimated cost: $1,000.

Total estimated cost: $310,000.


Members voted 4-0 to approve the following claims: $280 from DLZ; $17,290 from DLZ; and $225,098.58 from LGS Plumbing Inc., the general contractor for the Ind. 49 utility corridor project.



Posted 3/27/2013