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1050N ditch in fill project could break ground in spring

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It’s been a busy summer for the Chesterton Street Department and Stormwater Utility, but there has been some progress on the 1050N ditch in-fill project.

As Town Engineer Mark O’Dell told the Stormwater Management Board at its meeting Tuesday evening, DLZ is currently working on a proposal to survey the site, located along the currently open ditches on the north side of 1050N east of Ind. 149.

Those ditches are deep, in some places three feet deep, and erosion here and there has exposed natural-gas lines, while  elsewhere those gas lines and other utilities  are mere inches below the flow line,  O’Dell said. So an accurate survey is the first step in piping those ditches, then in-filling them.

O’Dell and Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg expect to design the project itself in-house over the winter and hope to break ground on the project  sometime in the spring.

“This will be a good project,” Schnadenberg said, akin to the in-fill of the drainage ditch a few years ago along the north side of West Porter Ave. between 23rd and 18th streets.

Storm Drain Inlets Under Repair

In other business, Schnadenberg told members that the Street Department continues to work on repairing leaky storm drains, six of them last week alone. “We’ve had quite a few this year,” he said. “It’s pretty much been an ongoing process.”

At issue: poorly installed drains, or those simply old and failing, develop leaks on the exterior, through which sand and soil can be washed into the drains, threatening the development of sinkholes. Crews have been hydro-excavating around the drains, then sealing the leaks with flowable fill. In some cases, crews have had to saw-cut around the drain on the street-side in order to access the ground beneath. 

South  11th Street Ditch Scraped

Meanwhile, O’Dell reported that the Stormwater Utility rented a mini-excavator two weeks ago to deploy its flail mower along the old agricultural ditch east of the headwaters of Peterson Ditch, immediately west of South 11th Street.

The flail wasn’t used for dredging or any other invasive operation, but merely to “scrape off branches and litter” from the top of the ditch, “to make sure it’s still open,” O’Dell noted.

Schnadenberg added that this summer’s dry weather was the perfect opportunity to put the flail in action. “We haven’t had any rain, so it’s as dry as it’s going to be,” he said.

Culvert Failure

Schnadenberg also reported that a culvert in the area of Westchester Ave. and South 15th Street recently failed.

The Street Department made the repairs in-house, replacing 60 feet of culvert under Westchester Ave.

August in Review

In August the Stormwater Utility ran a surplus of $8,784. Information on the year-to-date was not available.


Posted 9/24/2020




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