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Police put school bus scofflaws and reckless drivers on notice

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Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski is putting scofflaws and reckless drivers on notice: the CPD is looking for you, will stop you, will cite you.

At the Town Council’s meeting Monday night, Cincoski took note of an emerging problem brought to his attention by Duneland school bus drivers: the number of motorists who are refusing to stop when a school bus comes to a halt and lowers its stop-arm. “You’re supposed to stop,” he said. “All motorists in all directions are supposed to stop.”

And if a police officer happens to see you when you don’t stop, “it’s a misdemeanor offense,” Cincoski warned.

If, instead, a bus driver reports your failure to stop—and bus drivers do—and an officer stops you later for it, “it’s a citation.”

Either way, scofflawing will ruin your whole day.

Meanwhile, Cincoski noted that—at the prompting of Member Jim Ton, R-1st—officers will be increasing enforcement in the South Calumet District, where Ton has recently observed a whole lot of bad driving: passing school buses, speeding, running red lights.

“We are enhancing and increasing patrols in that area,” Cincoski promised.

New Squads

In other business, members voted 4-0 to authorize Cincoski to purchase two new squad cars—both Ford Crown Victorias—at Lakeshore Ford’s low total bid of $50,576. Member Sharon Darnell, D-4th, was not in attendance.

That money, from the Rainy Day Fund, was made available by the council in the summer, when it became clear that Cumulative Capital Development—with its dedicated tax rate, the normal fund for squad purchases—had insufficient moneys.

The Rainy Day Fund is comprised of CEDIT revenues over and above those certified by the state.

CEDIT Authorizations

At Cincoski’s request, members also voted 4-0 to authorize a total expenditure of just under $9,000 in CEDIT funds:

•Around $7,000 for the purchase of e-ticket hardware and software, which will enable officers to issue citations electronically. “It will make clearing the scene of a crash or traffic stop much faster,” Cincoski said.

•And around $2,000 for the installation of a firewall for the in-car wireless computers used by officers on patrol.

Vest Grant

Meanwhile, Cincoski reported that the CPD was successful in its application for a $4,500 federal grant for the purchase of body armor.

Hiring Process

Cincoski also reported that the hiring process is proceeding, with 96 applications being returned of 135 taken.

One patrol officer will be hired, to replace the patrol officer promoted to corporal and the corporal promoted to sergeant to fill the vacancy in the roster created earlier this year by the resignation of Sgt. Fred Shivalec.



Posted 10/12/2010




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